03 August, 2009

dabbling in poverty

our finances have kind of plummeted again recently.

we haven't been able to drive for almost a week because we can't afford to put gas in the car.

it's kinda funny.

luckily, i love where we live, and there are plenty of beautiful places to walk to. i can't buy anything, but it's nice to look inside shops and walk through pretty neighborhoods anyway.

and my sister came over to visit twice! we both beat levi at boggle (i'm not gonna lie, he sucks at boggle).

my mom took pity on us and offered to sponsor us in setting up an internet connection (and cable!!!) AT HOME so that i won't have to wander around all over the place with my laptop anymore hunting for a reliable internet connection. isn't she the sweetest??

and the cutest??

oh my gosh, we are so embarrassing.

anyway, even though we're in a very temporary tough patch right now (there is hope on the horizon), i am still very grateful for all the amazing things we do have - a great home in a beautiful neighborhood, an amazing family who would do anything to help us, and, of course, each other.

p.s. we selected a giveaway winner last night using a random number generator. the winner is#10: camille from life less ordinary, a fellow art history major! please go here to select your scarf! and then email me your selection and your mailing address. congratulations!

p.p.s. a couple-few months ago, i told lindsey my three in three. if you want to know what i'm talking about, go here and find out.


  1. Wishing you loads of cash today. Your photo is too cute!xoxo

  2. You two are WAAAY cute. I love it!

    Also, I appreciate / like that you are walking instead of putting gas in your car with a credit card.

    We cut all of ours up, so when the money runs out. It runs out.

    I'm sure you know this, but you're not alone. It's encouraging to me to see you two so positive through it all. Gives me hope and a brighter perspective.

  3. That's yo momma? She's so cute!!!

    And it's wonderful that you have such a loving, supportive family. The gift of internet is the best gift EVER!

  4. Great post my dear.
    Being unemployed (hopefully not for long) it's tough having no incoming funds, but it sure does make it easier to look on the bright side when you have a great support system.

    P.S-those pics are ADORABLE!!!

  5. i love the matching outfits. i hope the finances get better... i know how it goes!!

  6. Just saying hi as I swing through to enjoy your posts! :) Oh, and you and your mom are so cute!

  7. awhhh you sound like me and my boyfriend at the moment. we're living in an apartment in nashville thats toooo expensive while getting by off one paycheck! only one more year until we're both out of school with full time jobs.

  8. i feel you. i'm moving to new york in two weeks to live on student loans for two years. i'll graduate with a masters and so much debt that it makes me sick to even think about it. being poor is not fun but it always gets better.

  9. Oh wow! You guys look like sisters!!

  10. You are so not alone! I'm there too. Good for you guys for having such a positive attitude through it, it can be so hard!

  11. i hate rough financial situations. but being thrifty is SO in right now! haha. but seriously, we spent over $60.00 friday night for the worst pizza ever (although it's rated #1 in dc) and then last night made our own homemade pizza for dinner (thank you .99 cent trader joe's pizza dough) for literally no $$$ and it was wayyyy better.

    so i am all for not driving, but walking.... and making your own food (mostly your own pizza!)

    p..s thanks for the kind link over at your cute three in three. so sweet.


  12. you are such an inspiration! these are crazy times, indeed, and i am so so glad to have a friend out there like you who finds the love in the universe no matter what.

  13. Hey. I totally understand. Been THERE and get there monthly when my money runs out.

    My super boss put this on our paycheck stubs this month: "Enjoy all you have while pursuing what you want." - Jim Rohn.

    You seem to enjoy a LOT in your life, keep up the good work.

  14. everyone has financial ups and downs... luckily it seems like you have an amazing support group in your family.

    always wishing you guys the best!

  15. you guys are the cutest!

    I so miss living in a place where I could walk everywhere....it sure did help out when we were going through financial rough patches!!

    I love your positive attitude and love of life...so many good things are going to come:)

  16. Sending you anti-poverty vibes (but NOT anti-experiment in poverty vibes, for your blog is one of my faves!).

    And PS: You and your mama are a-dorable.

  17. Your mom is incredibly beautiful! (: I guess now we know where you got them genes from! (; and don't worry about money...it'll sort itself out! Matthew 6:25-33 (: love you! xx

  18. you and your mom are sooo cute!!! those pictures made me smile so much.

  19. I've found that some of my favorite and most considerate and understanding people are the people who know what it's like to not have that much, but still make the most of it and never look at the bad side.

  20. wow! I can't imagine not being able to drive for a week. Its a good thing you live in town. we have to drive everywhere.


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