07 August, 2009

i apologize in advance

this is a toooootal tmi.

but i think it's too funny so i'm just gonna go for it.

i present to you:

our underwear drawers.


notice how tidy his is?

and how chaotic mine is?

this pretty much sums up the roles we play in this relationship.

annnnyway, hope you all enjoy your weekends!

i'm off to big bear for the night and saturday.

levi can't come. :(

i'll miss him, but umm, i'm gonna see him tomorrow night so i'll refrain from being a baby about it.


  1. that's exactly what my underwear basket looks like. It's more difficult for girls because there are so many different shapes and sizes! grandma period underwear, thong tha thong thong thongs, boycut, bikini.....

  2. My underwear drawer is a disaster; I've always wanted to be one of those girls that folds her underwear, but I'm not.

    Also, you know you live with a boy when you have a growing pile of change on your dresser.

  3. That is so my husband and I... the poor guy puts up with my messes.

  4. man, NOTHING is folded in any of my drawers haha! cute post! :)

  5. you guys are hilarious...at least you have one tidy person, both of ours look like yours!! have fun in big bear!

  6. LOOOL

    That seriously made me laugh! :)

  7. Haha, your relationship can be summed up by your underwear drawers.

    Who knew?

  8. Girlfriend! I have almost posted a comparison of Jeremy and I's undie drawers so many times - it is almost IDENTICAL to your situation here. Except Jeremy's an American Apparel whitie (or pink, purple, red and blue) tighties kind of guy.

    I love it!

  9. Also, that massive pile of change is impressive.

  10. Awe...haha! ;)

    Is that all his change?! If it is - my fiance does the EXACT same he has a huge pile of change on top of his drawer! Well use to my parents got him a coin dispenser. ;)

  11. haha you are hilarious!! Luckily neither me or my boy are tidy in that department, so I never feel bad

    Love your blog!

  12. OMG, this was so funny and cute and just like me and Clement that it totally made my day. Not TMI at all =P

  13. This is the best post I've read today.


  14. oh, this is very cute!
    Mine is also a mess.

  15. Aww, this is so cute! And hilarious at the same time, haahha.


  16. haha! (: that was funny! it's okay, `I'm sure levi wont mind tidying up your drawer in the future (: have fun on your trip! xx

  17. looks vaguely familiar.....

  18. heheh...love it! (ours is much the same)
    p.s. I always am a baby when Don can't be with me!

  19. The only reason why girls panty drawers are a mess and boys are not, is because we have 85.6% less fabric to fold. And realistically speaking, it would be absurd to even try to fold a piece of fabric of such size. Additionally us ladies have quadruple the amount of panties...no time for organization. Wash, stuff-in-drawer, wear, repeat.

    My panty drawer looks just like yours. And I like it!


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