26 August, 2009

stick it to the fridge

remember how i said levi and i were working on a little project the other day?

this is what we were working on:

bottlecap magnets!

from top left: sarah palin magnet, burger magnet, heath ledger as the joker magnet, pop tart magnet, abstract art magnet, rolling hills magnet, and julia child magnet.
i think my favorite is the burger magnet.

we think we have the coolest magnets ever.

levi won't stop making them.


  1. hey lades,

    it's my 1st time commenting and I have to give you bottle cap props! you two are darling and this project is so fun. I also will be keeping my eye out for more Proust posts. Those kinds of things really allow you to see/remember the important things, love it!


  2. simply adorable. and creative! i love them.

  3. i just started saving our bottle caps to do the same thing! levi should post a tutorial! love it!

  4. Cute! How do you make them?

  5. Those are cute! I'd also like to know how you made them.

  6. those magnets are soooo neat! (:

  7. What a great idea! I hope you won't mind if I make my own. You are quite the inspiration!

  8. Those are amazing, and you should totally have a giveaway. 6 pack of magnets?

    Or at least let us in on the secret to your success. I would LOVE to have some of those.

  9. so so cute! how did you make them?

  10. I love the magnents, esp the Sarah Palin one...I want one!

  11. What a cute idea! One of my aunts was the reuse type person and used to make trivets out of bottle caps and fabric. they were really cool

  12. This little boutique that my daughter loves sells necklaces that is basically an elastic band looped around a metal washer. Then you buy whatever magnetic bottlecap you want and place it on the washer! Voila! Necklace!

    All the youing girls are into it...

  13. Love this idea! My fave is the Julia Child one since I just saw Julie and Julia yesterday and loooved it - yum.

    Bummed I missed the little crepe get together with you girls, hope it was fun and delicious. :)


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