14 August, 2009

raise your hand if you love back to school shopping!

i'll bet you raised your hand!

back to school shopping is THE best.

all the pencils and notebooks and plaid and the smell of new shoes.

everything is shiny and fresh.

it's like starting over.

there's so much hope and promise in the air.

if you can't tell, i kind of have a thing for school.

i'm so excited to be going back to "real" school 'cause, i'm sorry, esthetician school and various online classes don't count.

i go back on monday, 31 august, and i've got a big list of things i "need."

- sharpie pens in black, blue, green, orange, red, and purple...i like color!
- a binder with the clear cover so i can decorate it, of course!
- pilot g2 05 black pens (i'm sooo specific about my pens - they can't be 07. no no no.)
- bic .5 mm mechanical pencils
- college ruled lined paper - the big, full-sized page kind. i hate wide-ruled.
- composition notebooks
- and this lovely notebook cover by princess lasertron. lOVE it!

the back to school clothes list is a post for another time. that list is pretty long for both me and levi. all of our clothes are ragged and breaking....i'm not gonna lie, i'm pretty excited to replace them.


  1. Not raising my hand but only because I am so stinking broke and have 3 kiddos in school.....aaack!
    p.s. Blogger isn't updating us again...grr@them. I think they have a vendetta against us. ;)

  2. I don't really like back-to-school shopping--I'm a cashier at Walmart

  3. It reminds me of the line in You've Got Mail where Tom Hanks says, "If I could I'd bring you a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils." when he's refering to NYC in the fall :)

  4. Hand raised!! I agree, online is not the same as class taught! I'm taking my Certified Financial Planning courses right now online... I get distracted to easily! All my other professional designations were obtained via buying a book and doing self-study (blah!). I loved college... sitting in an acutal class. I'm life long student though, so I'm sure I'll make it back some time soon! Perhaps for to be a Marriage Counselor! I like too many fields. I'll have multiple careers. Anywho, have fun school shopping!! YIPPY!

  5. I was talking to my husband about this last night! I miss back to school shopping!! I want new clothes, new stuff for the apt., new school supplies, and did I say new clothes??

    I'm a little jealous you're going back to school. I miss campus life!

    (I'm also hoping my mom will take pity on my poor-young-and-married status and take me shopping!)

    Good luck with classes!! Did you get that 'thing' figured out? The one you tweeted the other day?

  6. Yay! Have fun- I love school/office supplies! :)
    And have even more fun clothes shopping... I was just blogging the other day about my need for a new wardrobe, too!

  7. That's cool you are going back to school; it's never too late. I feel bad wasting my education but I'm going to take a few online classes at CUNY. It's a bit more than Cal State, but from what I hear, it's more reputable. California is hiring people with tech and media degrees. Apparently an MLIS is not enough :(

    what university did you apply to?

  8. me too! definitely love it! I haven't even put in my application yet and I'm thinking of new back to school clothes! lol. waaaay ahead of myself. ;)

  9. so cool that you are going back to school!!! I love that notebook cover...I have no real reason for it, but I desperately want it:)

  10. yeah i totally went bts shopping the other night. can't wait! :)

  11. I have always loved school supplies.. even as a teenager I remember wandering through the rows of school supplies and wanting them all!
    Good luck in school!

  12. Ah, yes..back to school. I always have to have the first thing I write in the new notebook to look PERFECT. It sets the tune for the rest of the year...what can I say, I was a weird kid. hahhaa.
    I love Princess Lasertron!

  13. this is hilarious...I had a post a while back hating on online classes because school supplies (and other things) were lacking. i also included my ocd for ONLY 0.5 materials and ONLY college-ruled paper...0.7 and wide-ruled are to let people borrow b/c I could care less. hahaha.

  14. oooh! Me! I LOVE back to school shopping, and actually thought to myself earlier in the week how sad I was that I'm not gonna be doing it this year. No back to school for me. But I agree with everything you wrote! Especially being excited over new pens & notebooks and PLAID! Yes!!

  15. Lesli Watters! You took the words right out of my mouth. :) One of the best movie lines EVER! Hand is raised.

  16. oh my, you are going to LOVE having kids! i'm going back to (grad) school shopping for myself and 2nd grade shopping for my little dude. it's very exciting but his is totally better. crayons!

  17. i loooove back to school shopping!! i've loved it ever since i started school :) you're right..its a fresh new start and everything is so positive going into school! eek im so jealous of you! :)

  18. Funny, my fiance won't leave the house until he has at least one Black Pilot G2 10 pt pen in his pocket!

  19. omg back to school shopping is the best indeed!
    you know that scene in you've got mail (my fav. movie, fyi) where she inhales the scent of the scotch tape -- that's TOTALLY me.

  20. love love love school shopping.

    just can't get enough.

  21. Yo Jasmine! I don't remember how I found your blog, but long ago I stalked and re-stalked your blog for a long while before I lost your URL and never found it again... I now you have commented my own brand new blog... small world?

    Love your blog-- happy to have found it again!


  22. i get the exact same pens as you.

    and it might be my ocd talking... but I totally understand what you mean about them having to be the specific ones.

  23. I miss back to school shopping! It is so exciting...guess I'll have to wait for kids and live through them, cause I'm not going back to school any time soon!

    LOVE the notebook cover!

  24. I miss back to school shopping! It is so exciting...guess I'll have to wait for kids and live through them, cause I'm not going back to school any time soon!

    LOVE the notebook cover!

  25. I LOVE back to school shopping :P
    There are honestly 2.. no, 3 unorthodox places I'd die to live in:
    1- Stationery stores or book shops
    2- A furniture store
    3- A treehouse

  26. School shopping is my favorite shopping~


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