24 August, 2009

why we love our neighborhood reason #7

reason #7:

lola's is on "retro row" right by levi's work.

if you're ever in town, you should definitely check out this area - really great restaurants and tons of vintage shopping.

why we love lola's:

1. the decor and bright colors

2. the sangria

3. the green salsa - ohhhh my goodness, it's to die for. it's creamy, garlicky, basil-y, and oh so tasty.

i get pretty bummed out when it's gone.

levi finished his heaping pile of delicious food. i was full from the chips & salsa, so i just had a couple potato taquitos. so yum!

we love lola's!


  1. yumyumyum, i had a similar Mexican experience with green salsa this weekend. HAHA. and the jig is up- you were right. i was wrong. and sorry to disappoint but...... i can't find cheese balls any where. i swear i just saw them in the grocery- then my shelves were robbed. its a horrible horrible feeling to disappoint you, so i am sending you a surprise instead. i hope you like it.

  2. YES! We stumbled across it a few weeks ago and are taking a friend there for his birthday on Thursday. Those potato taquitos are so good!!!

  3. looks amazing!! i love little places like that. i am so ready to move to some place like your neighborhood...

  4. YUM!!! I am so hungry now, Jasmine...aack. Levi has a 'hey stop stealing my food' face or is something else going on? xoxo

  5. Lola's looks pretty awesome. Sangria, salsa and colorful native art are up there in my book :)

  6. Yummmm, looks delicious! Have you guys ever been to Open Sesame on 2nd St.? It is hands down THE best Lebanese food I've ever eaten! Garlic potatoes as an appetizer - to DIE for!

  7. I bet retro row misses me and all the insane cash I dropped there.


  8. You had me at Sangria. You know how I feel about the stuff haha.

    I've never been there!!!

  9. that place looks simply divine! i love little mexican restaurants - especially ones with tons of character!

  10. You need to buy Levi a new shirt. And that green salsa looks mighty tasty!

  11. potato taquitos? I've never heard of them. I'll bet they are good.

  12. Looks delicious!! (By the way sorry for the barrage of comments on your older posts! I've been MIA for the whole month and I felt terrible because you always comment on my blog even though I couldn't return the favor. Here is me making it up to ya~)

  13. Sounds divine! Do they serve fish tacos? I think fish tacos are the best thing ever.


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