04 August, 2009

the hunters (+ a myers and a trent) go to the fair

a week or so ago, levi and i went to the fair with my mom, my little sister ivy, my little brother zachary, my sister-in-law chrystal, and my honorary step-sister-in-law chelsea (she's chrystal's step sister, but i want her too so there!).

we mostly ate things.

it was deep fried decadence.

lots of pictures comin' up, beware.

we're on our way and maybe a little bit excited!

ivy and i found the entrance music rather inspiring in a "let's dance like superheroes" kind of a way.

first stop? beef jerky!

this was seriously not posed. we were just that bored by the RV derby.

so chrystal and i had a derby of our own and smashed into each other with our...heads? hmmm...

we're pretty serious about our corn on the cob.

i was doing the carl's jr. "milkshake" ad. levi just wanted to pose with a giant cow's behind.

speaking of cows - we get super excited by milk in this family! yeah!

slushie love.

kitty!!!!! the ELEPHANT!!! i love her.

the sequence in the next four photos makes me laugh:

1. mom with a basket full of homemade potato chips & levi's arm sneaking in to grab a few.

2. levi begging with an empty basket.

3. levi stealing other people's chips.

4. oh look at that! he talked someone into giving him their basket. that's my little beggar-lover.

yep. i tried it. and yep, it wasn't bad! kind of a little bit maybe sorta tasty.

we had just watched the "unusualist" do this, and i had been crying at the baby's hand reaching for the daddy's hand part. you should really go watch this video. it's pretty amazing.

ivy and levi modeling the fall fashions. such trendsetters, those two.

where's levi? oh, he's over there checking out flat irons.

i lost levi again, and this is where i find him. he's so cute.

they had a thing or two to learn.

their shirts pretty much summed up the whole fair.

maybe we'll actually go on some rides next year....

so much fun. i LOVE my family!


  1. That just looks like too much fun!!! LOVE IT!
    Family is GOOD!!!

  2. Oh my, that looks like so much fun :)
    Also, I absolutely love the pictures with the tree lights!

  3. you could pass for jessie the cowgirl on toystory 2. spitting image -- looking like a cartoon is the biggest compliment i give ;)

  4. awesome! fairs are so fun. love the smiles, corn on the cob and family love.
    peace & love!

  5. oh you are so cute! looks like you had a fantastic time :)

  6. Looks like sooo much fun!

    and chocolate covered bacon?! What the sick??!!

  7. I love the fair! this is the first year that we haven't gone in ages....it makes me so sad.

    you guys are adorable!

  8. You guys are just too cute!! Looks like a real fun time. We hope to hit up our state fair next month :)

  9. How fun! Chocolate covered bacon! Wow, I never knew there was such a thing. I think I would like it :)

  10. Looks like so much fun. Fairs are the best!

  11. As far as I'm concerned, the sole purpose of going to a fair is the food. And petting zoo, if there is one. Love the nighttime photos :)

  12. How fun!!! This is the first year I'm going to miss the legendary Texas State Fair (I'm moving to NY) and I'm so bummed about it. Greasy-fried fairs are the best! Also, you and Levi are quite cute.

  13. looks so fun. i love all the photos, really. i love the sequence with levi stealing chips. ha.

  14. oh how i love fairs!! (: your family looks amazing! and get levi his own basket of fries next time! the poor boy. haha (; i want some chocolate covered bacon.

  15. I've enjoyed reading your blog (just found it today). I think maybe I've missed some posts, but the gist of what I read is that you can't find a job - even a part time one. We had the same thing happen and did what a lot of people do - we started our own company. It's not easy, but it beats the poor house.
    We make more money now than we did when we were employed.

    I don't know what an "esthetician" is but I gather it has something to do with the beauty industry.

    Can't you have your Mom, friends, etc. invite their friends over for beauty parties? Do whatever it is you do and book makeovers. Put the word out.

    The idea is to go to people's house and make them beautiful. Do preteen birthday spa parties, prom and wedding home beauty treatments. In fact you and Levi could be a dynamite duo. He does hair, you do estheticizing. Who knows, you might even make enough money to have Levi quit working for the man and the two of you could start your own beauty business. I actually know someone who did just this.

    I know that beauty salons like to hire people with a following, so if you did decide to work for someone, you could go to them with your customers in tow.

    Just an idea.

  16. omg that was the best commercial ever!

  17. Awwww sooo fun! i ove looking at all your candid photos. Oh and that corn you were all eating made me want to eat again!

  18. Fairs are so much fun, it looks like you and your family had an AMAZING time! I loved looking through all the photos with the funny captions!

  19. I love that you dance anytime, anywhere to any song...dancing is what makes the earth go 'round!

  20. too much fun! we have a similar fair near me called the Big E, it comes in September, but almost once a week during the rest of the year, with no fail, me and cute look at each other when wondering what to have to dinner, lock eyes and both say simultaneously, "i want the big E for dinner"... haha cant wait!

  21. I want to adopt you as a sister and hang out with your adorable family! Too fun! I love the photos. The pork butt one would suit my tush more than yours, hands down. You are hilarious. I love it! xoxo

  22. You ALL are so adorable...and...your blog led to a discussion about why we would or would not try chocolate covered bacon. Way to lead the whole office off track.

    For the record, I'd try it. The salty + sweet thing really does it for me...but the meaty part...that's what intrigues me.

  23. the OC fair :) looks super fun, I'm pretty sure I'm going sometime this weekend before they pack everything up and it's gone till next year.

  24. awesome awesome awesome
    AWESOME !!!

  25. Bacon and chocolate is sooooo good. You loved it, didn't you? Try Mo's Bacon Bar. It's a chocolate bar with chunks of bacon in it with Hawaiian sea salt sprinkled in. I know, I know. You doubt. But it is my secret, and I can't believe I'm letting it out. I will be making cupcakes next year for our Sat. Farmers Market (with any luck) and choc. bacon flavor is going to be my gem. Good on you for being daring, girl!

  26. i love these pictures :) makes me so jealous! your family is so cute! that looked like a real fun outting!

  27. I soooooo miss the OC Fair...and all the yummy food!!!


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