13 August, 2009

baby don't you cry, gonna make a pie

i watched waitress yesterday for the first time.

first of all, it is now one of my favorite movies, and it makes me want a baby...more than i already did anyway.

and second of all, i am dying to make some terrific pies now.

i've only ever made two kinds of pies - dutch apple pie and pumpkin pie (mine's special though - i add orange peel and put it in a graham cracker crust). they're both delicious, but i need some new pie recipes.

(that's my apple pie. not really pretty, but very tasty.)

what's your favorite kind of pie to bake?


  1. Salty pie : it is zucchini and goat cheese pie

    Sugary pie : chocolate, pear & pecan pie, the perfect mix

    But I'm in love with real tarte Tatin

  2. I have recently become addicted to 'no bake' pies... chocolate and key lime are both super easy, and quick! But just last night I made up my own peanut butter/chocolate pie, and it was delightful! I am going to try my hand at baking pies this fall :)

  3. hello! i can't answer your question b/c i've never made a pie! i'm the worst baker in the world. for a while i wasn't even allowed to use the stove at home b/c i always ended up making such a mess! i'm very jealous that you can make such a tasty treat without blowing something up. :) and btw--i love waitress! i just watched it the other day as well.

    p.s. i love your blog. i read it religiously.

  4. I love meat pies ie. Steak pie. Chicken and mushroom pie. Spam and sweetcorn pie.

    Orrrr for sweet pie: Banoffee or chocolate cream.

    Mmmm, pie...

  5. The Waitress is my FAV movie. Favorite quote:

    "If I had a penny for everything I loved about you...I would have many pennies"

    mmmm...now I want to eat a pie.

  6. ohhh orange peel and graham cracker crust! that sounds delicious. my grandma and i make a cranberry apple pie that is just to die for!

  7. waitress is one of my favorite movies of all time. it is SO genuine and sweet and endearing.

    after i watched it, all i did for a month was bake tons of pies and want a baby.
    your pie looks really good!!!

  8. Blueberry pie...blackberry pie..... raspberry-rhubarb pie..... lemon meringue pie.....old fashioned dutch apple pie..... cherry pie.... peach pie....all warm with vanilla bean icecream...oh I am going to have to bake a pie tonight...Pie, even saying the word is delicious.
    Would you like some PIE?
    How is your PIE?
    Lets go out for some PIE.
    What delicious PIE.
    Say it out loud, your mouth will water!!!

  9. hiii - long time lurker, but just had to comment! i LOVE, LOVE this movie!

    i found this link - http://community.tasteofhome.com/forums/t/639971.aspx

    I have a brand new spankin pie plate so mb I will have to try "falling in love chocolate mousse pie"

    thanks for the awesome blog!

  10. Oh man, I watched that movie about a month after my son was born and I bawled my eyes out! It's one of my favorites now too! I wish I had some good pie recipes to share but the only ones I have are for pretty basic pies.

  11. Although I haven't ever really made a pie from scratch, I think I just might do that!

  12. i loooooooooved this movie. so much. <3 i don't like sweet foods, unfortunately, but if i did, i would eat some of that pie :)

  13. i loooooooooved this movie. so much. <3 i don't like sweet foods, unfortunately, but if i did, i would eat some of that pie :)

  14. Strawberry rhubarb pie is the best!

    Here's a link to the recipe I usually use :


  15. I love this movie soooo much...I know what you mean, it didn't help with the baby fever!

    I have never really made pies, though I enjoy nothing more than a good custard or chococate meringue pie

  16. Hi Jasmine, I love you blog! This summer I've been doing a lot of ice cream pies which are so nice and cool in the heat! Vanilla ice cream and orange sherbet on a graham cracker crust is like a dreamsicle!

  17. I loved Waitress! My sister and I always talk about how we have "girl crushes" and Keri Russell is totally mine. Sis is more partial to Gwen Stefani.

    Not much of a pie baker myself but I have had a hankering to make a quiche lately which I guess could be considered a savory pie.

    I hope you used your dutch door ledge to cool that apple pie!

  18. I love that movie and I did twitter that I was going to watch it but I never got around to it because I was so tired by the time I got home last night. I love baking in general. But my specialty is pumpkin. Mmmmm

  19. we first watched Waitress over a year ago, and then before we returned it to Red Box we watched it again. it's so lovely.

    and i love pie. all of it. in all it's varieties.

  20. I love that movie, but mostly because I love Nathan Fillion :) Glad you loved it too!

  21. pie.... yummmmmmmmmmmmm.... i love apple and raspberry with custard :-D

  22. oh i adore pie! hmmm, i love to "bake" a raw strawberry pie... the crust is dates and walnuts.
    thanks for your sweet sweet comments. i'm sorry it's taken me a bit to get back... i'm still wading through all of the work that piled up while my computer was sick. *)

  23. I've been reading your blog for awhile now but I don't know if I've ever posted. But- I love that movie!!!

  24. Love pecan pie with caramel and dark chocolate drizzled on top and it is a must to serve it with homemade vanilla ice cream. xo

  25. I LOVE a good pecan pie. My mantra for a good pecan pie is the more pecans the better.

    My great grandmother was from Georgia so I can't help my love of southern treats.

  26. I really liked that movie. I don't like to make pies but love Olallieberry pies from Hof's! So good.

  27. I LOVE Waitress too! Fell in love with Ms. Keri. Such a cute movie.

  28. I love it! I've only baked pies against my will but when hubby and I moved into our new house, I swore I would be baking pies all the time... haven't yet... but I want to make a chocolate creme pie! Just afraid I'd eat the filling first...

  29. I love pie! My favorite ever is a vegan blueberry pie from this vegan restaurant in Dallas called Spiral Diner. It's a close tie with my mom's homemade pumpkin pie from real pumpkins (none of that can stuff psh). I am a lousy baker but I make a mean no bake pina colada pie. (Graham cracker crust, frozen pina colada mix, pineapple, cool whip... yum!)

  30. I love this movie! I'm a huge fan Felicity (Keri Russell)
    You sound like me-I so want a baby girl after seeing this movie- especially the ending were they are walking down the street mother and daughter-

    Have a lovely weekend!


  31. Waitress was a charming film; my partner and I loved it. As for pies, my favorite is a Chiles Rellenos pie (non-traditional, but still yummy).

  32. OH I totally know what you mean.
    That movie is AMAZING.
    I just think Keri Russell is the cutest thing ever.

  33. mmmmm...send some of that pie my way!! I looove pecan pie (: If only I knew how to make it!

  34. The pies from that movie did look delicious!!

    Guess what darling???
    YOU WON the wildfox couture tee from my giveaway!!!! Congrats darling!!!
    (everything is on my latest post) xxxx

  35. Ooo yum, I do love that movie so much! Those pies she makes.. delicious! :)

    Be sure and pop by and leave a note!


  36. pumpkin pie!!! but um... i unfortunately dont bake it from scratch.

  37. I never made pies before just because I never liked the crust (I know I am crazy) But I do love a good graham cracker crust. Could I get your recipe for your pumpkin pie? It sounds delicious!


    P.S. I got my yellow bathing suit at Costco in Carlsbad. It was a bit pricy but it was so worth it!

  38. OMG!! I LOVE this movie and have watched it over and over again... I always get teary-eyed at the end, too!! I love their accents and it's just sooo cute!!

    My fav. pie--- Mango/peach pie... I wish I had some right now, in fact....

    Next Fav. -- pecan pie... YUMMMY and VERY decadent! Only to be eaten once a year!

  39. I'm not very good at baking pies but I sure do like to eat them! Key Lime is my favorite. Yum. I think I just drooled a little bit.

    p.s. love "The Waitress". Such a good film.


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