08 July, 2009

who wants it?

we finished another puzzle.

this one was tough!

...which is why i headbutted

and smashed it into oblivion not three minutes after putting the last piece in.

you don't know how much this puzzle plagued me.

and now, thanks to cara & jonah, we have an even harder puzzle to work on. i'm probably going to end up going insane.

don't you think that it's kinda funny that i wait til summer to get all into puzzles?? when it's all beautiful and warm outside? i'm weird.

annnnyway, i would like to pass this particular puzzle along to one of you! so lemme know who wants it, and it's yours! if more than one person wants it, i'll do it giveaway style and choose a random comment or something of that nature.

but please, let's not count this as AEiP's first giveaway. when we do our first giveaway, i'd like it to be a bit more special than a recycled puzzle. how would you all feel about a macaron giveaway?


  1. haha sometimes frustration gets the best of us.

    and YES YES HOORAY for the macaroon giveaway!

  2. I'm not gonna lie.

    I'd lovelovelove to give that puzzle a whirl.

  3. I would love it, it has been too long since I have done a good puzzle

  4. say what?! don't even tease me with a macaron giveaway. i am dying to try some, but no where in my city has them and frankly they seem to scary to try and make myself!

    as for puzzles - you must have a lot of patience! i can remember working on them when i was younger and them driving me crazy even back then. that being said, i recently picked one up at a garage sale just because i liked the way it looked, so i might try it at an upcoming camping trip or something... we'll see!

    (p.s. don't count this as an entry for the free puzzle - i can barely even start my own :)

  5. I love puzzles!! That is so sweet to pass on a puzzle! Great idea!! I'd totally go for it...but with two little ones under 2, my puzzle making projects consist of Barney and Thomas the Train puzzles...although Little Man would actually love to see THIS train in your puzzle :0)


  6. Yes! Do a Macaron givaway!!!!!

  7. Haha I love this fake giveaway! I'll happily have the puzzle :p
    Mmm and some macarons! Yum!! xxx

  8. Nice work on the puzzle completion! I vote HELL YES on the macaron giveaway, can't wait to hear more. :)

  9. Oh I do! And I'll send you a new one!

  10. First of all, I would love to have the puzzle. And secondly, a macaron giveaway sounds amazing! I've never tried one but I've been dying to ever since I started reading your blog! I think you should definitely consider it :)

  11. oh, it's gorgeous! :)

    pretty please?

  12. Yes Yes to the macaron giveaway. I have some major patience issues so I am sure I would headbutt that puzzle BEFORE I finished it :)

  13. *Raising my hand.
    Yes, to the puzzle and a macaron giveaway.
    How fun. :P

  14. oh oh i really want it!! Please!! T___T been wanting an extremely hard puzzle to solve! XD

  15. a macaron give-away! haha! :)
    i'd love that but i'm afraid macarons can't travel...

  16. oo! I want it. Yes! First commenter too. (please be only commenter)

    I was really into puzzles the winter before last and then I forgot all about them until I read your blog post. Now I got the puzzle itch!

    PS love reading your blog. :)

  17. Awesome, puzzletastic!
    If you've got time inbetween puzzles, come over and leave me a story!

  18. *fingers crossed*

    Pick me! Pick me!


  19. OMG!!! A macaron giveaway is completely GENIUS (why couldn't I ever think of something like that???) I would love this puzzle if you are done with it! I'm currently working on a Beatles Sgt. Pepper one ;) tough stuff!!!

  20. oh my! once my mum and i did a puzzle and it took us like 8 hours just to finish the grass and the tulips (the flowers were all the same color), i almost broke something.

    love the blog!

  21. Haha, that's hilarious. I couldn't imagine trying to do a puzzle in my tiny, tiny Hong Kong apartment!

  22. I'll pass on the puzzle but I'm signing up for a macaron givaway!

  23. I love puzzles! I used to do them all the time, then came across a particularly hard one, lost my mind, and took a break from them, ha! My nemesis is usually one that has mostly all one colour, such as a blue sky & blue ocean or something horrid. Ha, I'm rambling about puzzles.


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