03 July, 2009

happy independence eve!!

tomorrow's the day we've all been waiting for! hooray!

i have my outfit all picked out and ready to go.

we're not exactly sure what we'll be up to tomorrow, but our plans will absolutely involve the 60 sparklers i picked up yesterday!

my sister took this picture of us last 4th of july. i laugh when i see it for 2 reasons:

1. we look oddly twin-like in it.
2. you can catch a faint glimpse of levi's painted nails (silver everywhere except for a striped thumb and a starred forefinger). he and the manicurist were bored at work that week...i've got myself a weird one. thank goodness!

what are your holiday plans? tell me what you'll be up to!

and happy 4th of july!!


  1. so cute of you two! have a great weekend! i want sparklers so bad!!

  2. You both make me smile like crazy. Wish I lived close. I would make you party with us tomorrow, so we could enjoy your sweet craziness. xo

  3. i totally have my outfit picked out too. i love celebrating the usa!!
    i'll just be watching the fireworks in our nation's capitol :)

  4. cute photo, as always. i love levi's fancy mani!

    i'm prepping for a big trade show in los angeles later this month, so alas i'll likely be working instead of celebrating this weekend, boo!

  5. We are in Las Vegas celebrating with family, Vegas is a pretty good half way point. We haven't picked up any sparklers yet though :(

  6. haha! you two do look alike (: They say couples eventually start really looking alike after being together for awhile. and levi is so cool. I once wanted to paint Ian's nails and he got really pissy with me! haha (: OHWELL. have fun with your sparklers even though they sorta scare me! and I wish I got a holiday too..happy 4th of july anyway! have soo much fun(; xx

  7. Have a lovely, sparkly 4th!

    I'll be at a pool party/BBQ all day :)

  8. Hope you both have a Happy 4th! The only cool thing Mykie let me do was put hair clips in his hair before his hair cut! :)

    We celebrate 4th of July every year by going to the Houston Zoo during the day (it used to be free) and then finding a spot to watch fireworks at night. This year we will be hosting dinner with my parents and then driving out to our property to watch fireworks :)

  9. LOL! you do kinda look alike! so cute!!

    Have a Happy 4th!!


  10. Love the picture. Love all your pictures, actually!

    I'll be at a friend's pool party/BBQ. Should be fun.

    Enjoy your 4th, whatever you do!

  11. That is way cute! I can't wait to see photos of your outfit that sounds like it will be impressive.

    My friend and I are decorating white t-shirts all American-like.

    This is my first 4th of July in America! IM excited to see parades and floats and everything red white and blue :)

  12. I love that Levi's not scared to paint his nails. My boyfriend once let me put pigtails in his long hair, and plait them! I took photos but he'd kill me if I posted them!! We did face-masks together once - again photos, but never for public eyes!! xx

  13. ahh that is such a cute pic!!
    Happy 4th of july xx

  14. have a blast and be sure to take more great photos.


  15. thanks goodness for sure, the weird ones are soooooo much better. (you have such a cute smile.)

    happy 4th!

  16. LOVE the fingernail polish! No doubt this 4th will be spectacular (so jealous you have sparklers!)!

  17. Hope you guys had an awesome 4th!

  18. I wish I had sparklers for my 4th of July! But I have a feeling they are illegal where I live x)

  19. The more little stuff I know about you guys, the more I just think you're wonderful!

    I hope you didn't burn yourself on the 60 sparklers!


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