24 July, 2009

i did it again!

i made the best dinner last night. this was seriously the best burger i have ever eaten.

i'm on fire!

(burgers with bleu cheese butter & watercress with a yummy broccoli side dish)

be sure to check in on monday bright and early. i have something very very special and exciting just for all of you!


  1. you're just a master chef. sounds amazing!

  2. Have you ever tried making a homemade juicy lucy? You put any type of cheese you want inside the burger, seal it up and grill. It is such delicious, melty goodness. Just be careful not to burn your mouth when you bite in! I've made that mistake a few times...

  3. I am officially inviting myself over for dinner ;) Those look wonderful! I can't wait to see what you have to share with us!

  4. That looks amazing. We did them once with feta and arugula. I love creativity in food.

    Looking forward to finding out what you are up to. Have a great weekend!xo

  5. You've been given the Honest Scrap Award.

    Check out my blog for the skinny. :)

  6. those look insanely delicious! (: well done! Ian once requested me to put blue cheese in his burger patty...but I couldn't find any so he just had mozzarella (: you are morphing into a cooking genius (; xx

  7. that sounds so delish! I love anything with blue cheese.

  8. Dear Jasmine,

    1. Your blog=amazing. I compulsively check it several times a day.

    2. When would you like to come to Minnesota and cook for me?


  9. i LOVE bleu cheese burgers! so delicious.

  10. Those look SO good! I could go for a burger right now. Is 7:30am too early?


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