23 July, 2009


last night, i...

chopped and

reached and

sautéed and

cooked and

made levi very happy.

i tried out some new recipes last night and made parmesan-herb (thyme & parsley) crusted tilapia with a basic tomato sauce and roasted asparagus with fresh lemon juice.

it was delicious. and that's saying a lot since i'm really picky when it comes to my own cooking. it goes back to that whole perfection thing.

if anyone is interested in the recipes, please let me know, and i will post them.


  1. post post! my tried and true salmon recipe is getting a bit old- i need a new idea and a new fish to try.

    looks delish!

  2. Sounds delicious indeed!
    Could you send me the recipes? <3

  3. i would love that recipe!! sounds like something i would make!

  4. Tada! Beautiful little footsies for the 'reach,' the cracked me up!
    My sweetheart just cooked a special dish for me last night as well (cuban style with roasted peppers) ;)
    {Except I was Levi in the situation}

    on a different note**
    I mostly love your posts because they are so honest and not forced.
    ...remember that perfection is being honest about the imperfections.

    and PLEASE post the recipe, I love to cook, and tilapia is my favorite fish!
    Happy cooking girlie.

  5. ooooh sounds delicious! i am always up for new recipes. you look like a natural :)

  6. that looks delicious! I am a seafood freak so I am sure it was fabulous

  7. Love fish, love love asparagus, please post the recipe, the hubby would be most happy too!

  8. What a good girlfriend! This is actually inspiring for me because my boyfriend drops hints that it would be nice to be cooked for (he's the chef in our relationship) every once in a while, but I never do.

  9. Ah poo that's quite mouth-watering.

  10. I'll have to make that sometime. Tilapia is like one of my favorite fish to eat. It's so delicious!

  11. I would love the recipes. It sounded so yummy :) Asparagus is my favorite!

  12. That looks good and yes recipe please!!

  13. Where'd all his hair go??


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