15 July, 2009

a 90s flashback

this week's through her eyes feature asked us to show our favorite magazines. please check it out here.

i absolutely could not choose. i like way too many magazines.

so instead, i went a different route with the question and chose my two favorite issues of all time.

one of my favorites was the october/november 1994 issue of modern bride.

i got this magazine for free when i was 12. they were doing some sort of expo at disneyland, so i grabbed a copy.

i must have read that thing a thousand times.

it's no surprise that i ended up becoming a wedding coordinator in my early 20s.

anyway, after flipping through the issue, i found a few things i just had to share.

1. heavily detailed dresses - oh my gosh. this thing is full of over the top dresses. here are my favorites. it makes me wonder - are we going to look back on the things we love today and cringe at all?

check out those ruffles!

2. look how far photography has come! this girl came from a very well off family, and her wedding photos aren't that great. isn't it amazing how far photography has come in such a short period of time? granted, film can do things that digital photography can't, but still...this looks like it was taken with a disposable point and shoot!

3. just some fun cheesiness!

don't you wish he was your boyfriend?

everyone's honeymoon fantasy - an in-room hot tub shaped like a champagne glass or a heart!

those shorts!

4. this was the wedding dress i wanted when i was 12. given my options, i'd say i had pretty good taste!

5. models in magazines with short hair! i don't really see this these days. i never even bother reading hair how-tos in magazines these days because they never give interesting ideas on styling pixie-short hair. boo!

**a note to those of you who were married in the 90s - i hope i haven't offended any of you. i was in junior high and high school in the 90s, and it is absolutely my favorite era. i love the style, music, and culture of the 90s, and i feel lucky to have lived through that decade.

now tell me, do any of you have any magazine issues that you can't part with? care to share? 'cause i'd love to hear about them!


  1. I have a bunch of Vogue and Vogue Living Issues from when I was living in Australia. I can't even being to fathom parting with those things.

  2. You really REALLY made me laugh out loud!!! :) Thanks!

  3. I have a brides mag from sept 2003. it was my first bridal mag. I fell in love with a certain 6k dress by vera wang that I tore out & have hung onto for 6 years now & I just found my magazine at my parents house last week. the "new" ideas they had back then are the same "new" ideas they've got right now... fun stuff.

  4. Ooh, you really DON'T see a lot of short hair models these days do you?! I'll be getting married next spring and am pretty stumped as to how to style my hair. Maybe your mag would have some good ideas? ;)

    I have a HUGE bin of Real Simple and Martha Stewart Food magazines in my basement. I don't have a home to organize, or cook even, but I WILL someday (at least that's what I keep telling myself).

  5. i looooove magazines! i started collecting covers from my favorites in jr. high/high school. i kept covers of big events, or favorite actors/musicians. never did anything w/them, but i still have the pile! its fun to look through........
    and i loved the 90s! we threw a 90s themed party for my hubby's bday once- it was a blast!

  6. Those are classic. I can't believe you remember the exact magazine that you used to look at.

    As I kid I LOVED looking through the JC Penny's christmas addition magazine.I had to scope out the newest and greatest toys to beg for!

    Pre-teen/early teen: 17 magazine FOR sure. Oh, how I WANTED to look just like those girls, instead of the gawky,skinny, flat chested brace face girl I was.. sigh. Those were rough years.

    Now, well I love anything HOME. Still sad that Domino is gone. sniff.

    Sorry, just wrote you a novel..
    Loved this post though! ;)

  7. I love how you rememeber all those details! You have a great memory. And those pictures....well they horribly wonderful. haha

  8. I personally think the dress you wanted from when you were 12 is gorgeous! Especially compared to all those other ones haha I have a bunch of 17 magazines from high that were prom editions that I just cant part with. I think they are great!

  9. I have a ton of old "Jane" magazines! I cried when I heard they were shutting down...

    And I used to have boxes and boxes of "Sassy" from back in the day, but for some crazy reason I recycled them all one day - when I think back to it now, I have no idea why I kept all those random "Cosmos" and "US Weekly" issues instead... So sad.

  10. hehe that is a fantastic post!! I had forgotten how truly 'special' the 90's were!

  11. oh gosh. i am obsessed with magazines. j & i go to barnes all the time just to catch up.

    domino (r.i.p.)
    real simple

    if i could, i'd start my own magazine with really good art, writing with substance, book & movie reviews, cheap ideas for clothing trends/vacations/dates, d.i.y. craft section, and amazing photography.

    all of my contributors would probably be bloggers, seeing how the internet is the new paper publication. which is kinda sad too.

  12. Ahhh! These are HILARIOUS! Utter awesomeness, all of it. Thank you.

    I can't pick a fave magazine either, but one of my favourite issues of all time is the Sassy issue with Kurt and Courtney on the front. I actually re-read the article a few weeks ago, and oh my. I can't believe I thought they were The Bomb. Go 90s!

  13. I was married in '92 and I am HORRIFIED at the pics of my hair AND dress. Looking back, I knew that I looked THAT GOOD. Times change for a reason!!!


  14. the guy in the second picture played Luis on Passions (NBC) and is now on Days of our Lives!

    I love bride magazines (even though I'm single!) It's funny to look back at old issues of any magazine. My mom had a few Cosmos packed away in some old boxes and the articles were hilarious!

  15. eek i hope i don't look back at my wedding photos like this!

  16. HAHAHAH! this made me laugh (: And yes, you had pretty evolved taste for your age (: That's actually one of the more decent looking ones. well, I'm sure give and take 10 years..our kids are going to think our wedding styles were cheesy and old-fashioned! haha xx

  17. Oh, those hot tubs are pure class!

    The 90's have been my favourite decade too. I never kept any magazines but I have a million pictures of brides ripped out of the pages, for "one day..." :)

  18. Funny enough, the one I can't seem to part with is my 90's addition of YEN magazine that I got a couple years ago! I love the 90's!

  19. Hilarious! Man, I love the 90s. The music, the pop culture, the memories! It's so weird to see teens at Urban Outfitters buying flannel and stuff that I wore in elementary school and junior high (I'm 24). I guess everything makes a comeback at some point.

  20. Oh btw, my older cousin who is a lighting designer and producer of shows in Vegas had a champagne glass hot tub in the 90s... also a glass pool with sharks. What a decade.


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