10 July, 2009

THE series

i am being featured in the through her eyes series (THE) all month long on layers of meaning. if you haven't heard of it, it's a fun little series to get to know little tidbits about your fellow bloggers.

the first week's edition is now posted. take a look here to see the contents of my purse (the things i was willing to show at least...i left out all the random candy wrappers, receipts, and folded up sheets of scrap paper that are always piling up)!

and here is my purse itself (it's not pictured in the series) in case you're interested:

p.s. sorry about the double posting yesterday! i posted from my phone and didn't look at my blog once all day long. oopsie!


  1. cute purse~ we will be in LA this weekend, anything awesome and cheap that you would reccomend for us to do? we are kidless so the options are endless!! lol thanks jasmine have a wonderful day :)

  2. cute bag!

    ...and i couldn't help but notice the harry potter collection on the bookcase behind it. KUDOS! ;)

    it's always good to discover another fellow hp fan.

  3. How fun, went and checked it out. My purse, well it is my my diaper bag and full of things not for me.
    Some day I will carry a purse all for me again :)

  4. So organised! Scissors? I'm beyond impressed. I keep intending to put a needle and a thread in my bag, but keep forgetting. I think the intire content of my bag at the moment are old candy wrappers and bills. I better go take a look and empty it out!


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