17 July, 2009

dave and melany

on tuesday night, we had dinner with our friends dave & melany.


so here's the cool thing about this friendship:

- melany and i share an ex-boyfriend: this is how we became friends yearrrs ago
- dave and levi became friends when they worked together long before they knew us
- dave and i went to elementary school together
- levi cuts melany's hair

how random is all of this?? (except for the hair cutting part - that happened later.)

anyway, levi and i love hanging out with them and feel very lucky to have them as friends.

***p.s. dave has a really cool website where you can submit and vote on clothing designs. they turn the winning designs into clothes that you can buy. check out [XUV] here...i've got my eye on a cute coat and dress...


  1. Isn't it great to have really fun friends to just hang out with?

  2. I love this post! and your last...I am in the SAME PLACE mentally.

    But the pic of you and levi is adorable with your hand on his arm, it says a lot about the closeness you two share!

    You are beautiful, girl! and I enjoy your blog everyday!

  3. i love the green room!! how fun to have great long-time friends. it's so essential.

  4. awe, I love when friendships work out like that ^_^
    very... serendipitous :)

  5. what's the color/brand of the paint?! i have flowers that color on my shower curtain, and i can't find paint to match. that seriously looks identical!

  6. i love the way they took to your seating arrangement. You know they are true friends when they will sprawl out on your kitchen chair to chillax ;)

  7. .....when friends become family....it's all good


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