18 July, 2009

it's HOT!

i would really like to play in a fountain today.

**photos from january trip to disneyland. my hair was dyed dark brown.


  1. playing in water! so much fun when its hot!

  2. love the pics!!!

    it is roasting here too. ick.

    your blog comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, so you'll be seeing me around here a lot! ;)

  3. Oh, my goodness! (goshness!) It is sooo hot... I swear, I think I got sun stroke yesterday... Just wanted to let you know I wrote a post dedicated to you today...! Let me know if you want me to change anything! :)

  4. me too! haha either that or a huge body of water..i'd be happy!

  5. so is that you...with the dark hair?? love it if so.
    fun for a change
    i have been contemplating it myself. funny how blogger friends lifes could parallel...

  6. hi emma!

    yes, that is me with the dark hair, but those are actually photos from the winter. my hair's still blonde right now. i'll probably go dark in the winter again just because it's fun. you should totally dye yours! it would look really cute!

  7. me too!! It is so hot today.

  8. i wish i had this in my front building!

  9. I saw your blog of a link on Rockstar Diaries and must say it is charming charming charming! Just had to share. :)

  10. ooh I wish I had one of these nearby too. man.


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