31 July, 2009


i was inspired by my magical regina experience to make a list of other bands or artists that i hope to one day see. here they are:

1. radiohead
2. my morning jacket
3. wilco
4. band of horses
5. bjork

bands/artists that used to be on the list, but i saw them!

1. regina spektor (hooray!)
2. jude (oh my gosh. i was 5 feet away from him the entire time dead center. he kissed me on the cheek after the show!!!)
3. mason jennings
4. dave matthews band
5. rufus wainwright

(i would happily see them all again, btw)

who's on your list of?


  1. grest list! i have seen radiohead and my morning jacket multiple times and they are both amazing live!! i hope to see them many more! i'd also love to see bjork and regina spektor!

  2. Band of Horses = AMAZING.

    The Dead Weather and Kings of Leon are on the top of my list and get to see them both at Austin City Limits this year! Yippee!

  3. i really want to see radiohead also! i have had the chance to see my morning jacket several times and they are amazing! i'm glad that you had a great evening with regina!

  4. This post touches my heart, because I have had a list going for years!
    My list of artists I want to see before I die:
    1. The Doors (impossible, without Jim Morrison- but I'd settle for the surviving members!)
    2. Aerosmith (done.)
    3. Cher (done.)
    4. The Rolling Stones
    5. George Strait
    6. Willie Nelson (done.)
    7. Bob Dylan
    and the Kings of Leon are slowly making their way up to become #8!

  5. magnetic fields
    flaming lips
    bob dylan
    yeah yeah yeahs
    joanna newsom
    van morrison

  6. from ur list i would love to see Radiohead!! and band of horses!

    bands i've seen are:
    The Killers
    Franz Ferdinand
    Death cab for cutie
    Bloc party
    jack's mannequin

  7. Ben Folds.
    The Decemberists.

    And U2 was on the list, but I saw them for free...amazing show!

  8. Oh, and I forgot the Scissor Sisters.

  9. mason jennings!!!! my brother got me into him a few months ago, and he's awesome! he's on my list :)
    madonna and beastie boys were on my list that i got to see. micheal jackson was, also
    would love to see:
    sublime (not possible, so long beach dub allstars would be cool)

    and then my favorite is Jack Johnson :)

  10. Mmmm!!! Great list!! I think that mine is longer... and I've got a long list of bands I've seen too... but I really love music!!
    I think that, at the moment, my top is:

    1. Maxïmo Park (but I'm seeing them in about 12 days!!)
    2. Florence + The Machine
    3. David bowie
    4. Artic Monkeys
    5. The Hives
    6. Sugarplump Fairy
    7. The Kills
    8. The Gossip
    9. White Lies (I'm seeing them too at Budapest :D)
    10. The Kooks

    ... and I could continue XD

    And I want to see again:

    1. Mando Diao (I've seen them for two times this year and in December it would be the third!)
    2. Smashing Pumpkins (but like I saw them in 1999... a littel bit difficult...)
    3. Placebo (12 days, 12 days!)
    4. Dead can Dance (keep dreaming, girl...)
    5. Iggy Pop
    6. The Misfits

    ... Ok, I stop... I stop! XD

  11. my list only consisted of Pharrell Williams...since 7th grade.
    I saw him perform in May and I felt fulfilled. I was also chosen to go up on stage.

    No more life goals. I can die happy now.

    ;) lol.

  12. oooh, i would have loved to see Regina live.I have quite a big list of people/bands i have seen in concert, but i seen all of them but Queen and Paul Rodgers at the same time, haha.

    I have seen in concert:

    1)Queen and Paul Rodgers!
    4)Pacific Avenue
    5)Sam Beeton
    6)Scouting For Girls
    7)The Hoosiers
    8)Leon Jackson
    9)DJ Ironik
    10)The Saturdays
    11)The Script

    and at mini gigs :

    1)Eoghan Quigg

    I would love to see :

    1)Regina Spektor!
    3)Rascal Flatts
    4)The Eagles
    5)Paolo Nutini
    6)Green Day

    ...and i loads more, but the list could go on forever.

  13. I so love your list!!!

    My ultimate #1 is DEFINITELY Radiohead too, if only their shows in LA (and everrryyywhere else) wouldn't sell out so fast! Dying to see Thom Yorke play.

    A few others I can't wait to see are:
    . Beirut
    . Queen
    . Devotchka

    I've been lucky enough to be able to cross off a lot of the bands on my "Dream Concert List" in the past few years...
    . Muse
    . Sigur Ros
    . Bjork
    . Aqualung
    . Jamie Cullum
    . Yeah Yeah Yeahs

  14. 1- Dream Theater
    2- Muse
    3- Regina Spektor
    4- Eels
    5- Yiruma

    ummm that's basically it

    Ahhh. Someday.

  15. oh my goodness- your list is fantastic.

    my wish list:
    1) manchester orchestra
    2) metric
    3) the killers (sigh- i will never be able to afford tix)

    artists/bands i am so happy i've seen:
    1) dmb
    2) kings of leon (in just over a month!)
    3) aqualung

    p.s. your blog is wonderful

  16. I'm going to see Tori Amos this Saturday at the Detroit Opera House. Yay!!! And my little Abby (The Gentle Giant) LOVES Radiohead. She requests them often. Such a cool little girl. Maybe we'll be able to take her to see them someday... when she is older.

  17. Saw Wilco this summer.
    Best show of my life.
    Seeing Paul McCartney tomorrow and can't wait!

  18. 1. Conor Oberst/Bright Eyes
    2. Ryan Adams
    3. Wilco
    4. Sufjan Stevens
    5. Atmosphere *going on the 11th
    6. Ani Difrano *seen her twice
    7. Regina
    8. Cage the Elephant (coming in Sept, but I can't go!!!!)

  19. My Top 5:

    Band of Horses
    Regina Spektor
    Avett Brothers (seen them twice but can't get enough)
    The Weepies
    Ray Lamontagne

    Saw Radiohead last year and they were amazing!!!!

  20. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Radiohead and Bjork live. Funny story about Bjork. When my husband and I first started dating, we used to go to this one LES club all the time, and one night, as I was sitting near the stage area of the place, I was telling him how much I LOVE Bjork, and he pointed to the little lady next to me. And it was HER! I freaked out and nearly ran out of the club. She's amazing.

    I saw Rufus Wainwright at Carnegie Hall doing the Judy Garland concert, which was one of the best concerts ever. If only for the grand venue and his sister Martha, who did a few spine-chilling numbers.

    Wow this comment is long. My sister recently went to see Jarvis Cocker live; and even though I'd seen him as part of Pulp, I'd love to see him live...

    Arcade Fire would be wonderful live, too, I think.


  21. Oh damn. I just saw someone wrote Sigur Ros. I adore them, too. So please add them to my list :)

  22. Oh very good! Radiohead is by far one of the best I've ever seen; Thom Yorke probably takes tons of drugs and thus dances and shrieks and loves life like a crazy man. And Bjork was good, but you could tell everything is choreographed to the extremity, which made it feel a bit stiff. But not at all, because how can you call flame throwers and an 8 girl brass band dancing in TeleTubby-like outfits stiff?

    I would love to see Beirut and Blur. If I were time traveled to 3 decades ago, I would love to see the Talking Heads and The Damned.

    And sub category, the best show I've ever seen? It's a tie. Goes to Brian Jonestown Massacre, !!!, and Hot Chip - I'm not the biggest fan of their music, actually, but ohmygoodness, what a fun show they put on!

  23. belle and sebastian, iron and wine and the shins. best bands to watch live! i'm in the process of scanning all my ticket stubs since jr high. it's an epic post but you've seen some amazing bands already!

  24. I would love to see Muse, Radiohead and Franz Ferdinand.
    I would've loved to see The Clash even more though :(
    I would also like to add The Spice Girls to this list...I'll admit this.

  25. My list:

    Bob Dylan (done)
    Tom Waits (done)
    Magnetic Fields (done)
    The Cure (done)
    Sonic Youth (done)
    The Pixies (in November!)

    Not too shabby... I'm knocking them out!

  26. I'd always wanted to see U2 and I will be seeing them just an hour away in October!

  27. that is a lovely list. we just saw wilco and loooooved them. my husband's favorite. i also love, radiohead, band of horses, rufus, dmb and mason!!

  28. After living in Nashville and going to Bonnaroo for a couple of years my list of people I've seen is wayyy too long, but here are some people you MUST see:

    The Avett Brothers. I've seen them five times and they're amazing.

    Devendra Banhart. He's so much fun live.

    Adele. She's so adorable and she was so nervous!

    Ben Harper. He's magical.

    Girl Talk. The best dance party you'll ever go to.

    Ray LaMontagne. Practically a religious experience.

    No Doubt. Gwen Stefani is so good and her outfits are incredible and their concerts are crazy.

    I'm so happy you got to see Regina! I can't wait for her to add Nashville to her dates. I haven't seen her in over a year and I'm dying!


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