09 July, 2009

if i ruled the world...

you know when you have a good friend who is in a bad relationship where even THEY know that they need to break up with him but they just can't for whatever reason?

don't you wish you were really rich in those circumstances, and you could just bribe them with tens of thousands of dollars or a really elaborate, long, fancy vacation to just dump them?

i do.

i think there should be a government agency or some kind of non-profit charity just for that purpose - bribing people to leave bad relationships.


  1. i took a bit of a blog-cation and i must say I really missed reading about you and levi's adventures. jake and i have been into crossword puzzles recently. it seems to be a puzzle-y kind of month.

    and yes, i wish i could bride my friends to make good choices! haha

  2. Hahah I love how your mind works!!

  3. I hate it when my friends are in relationships like that. I just want to save them and keep them away from all the potential pain they're putting themselves in.


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