02 July, 2009

i love stuff like this

i thought this sign was so funny.

don't you just love finding weird signs and ads??

i have always LOOOVED the headlines segment on jay leno. cracks me up.

what are some funny/weird signs or ads you've found?


  1. Haha, that's pretty cute.

  2. OMG i love headlines on Jay Leno! they are so stupid and so hilarious! :)

  3. There was this shop displaying how they are "open" to people from all walks of life.
    It went

    "Race : Everyone of you!
    Age : From 18 to retirees!
    Sex : Gender - All. Frequency - Personal Discretion"

    Got to love the humour. =)

  4. haha. i love this! i saw one somewhere once that just said "yes" and "no" instead of "open" and "closed." that one was pretty great too. :)

  5. The best was the Aquarium shop next to the sushi joint. It was horrifying!

  6. my dad was telling us last night about two bumper stickers he saw:

    "Earth is not my freakin' mother."


    "10/10 people die."

  7. I love it! Shut. What an odd way of putting it.


    I saw headlines that said, "British Left Waffles On Falkland Islands."

    Think about that one.

  8. that's too funny! those types of things crack me up as well.

    there's a store in my city and their hours of operation say something like:
    Sunday: Nope
    Monday: Noon-ish to 6-ish

    etc :)

  9. there's a dry cleaner by my favorite yogurt shoppe with a big sign on the glass window in regards to the alterations services they do- it reads: WE HAND FINISHED ALL THE SHIRTS.
    me and my boy crack up pretty much every time.

    oh and I remember a long time ago there was a website for all the grammatical/totally nonsense errors on japanese pencil cases/makeup bags, etc. like on notebooks it would have a picture of a bunny and say "she was a friend roses full" or something totally bizzare!


  10. thank you so much for the lovely comment, tour blog is so lovely and fun! xx

  11. my friend has a blog dedicated to this! you should totally contribute!


  12. I LOVED jay Leno headlines! I miss them!

  13. I was recently in TN and was looking thru antique mall...there was a rather large selection of salt and pepper shakers...
    but the sign read
    salt and pepper SHACKERS
    I laughed so hard!


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