16 July, 2009

we slept.

wow. we just woke up about 10 minutes ago....at noon.

i guess all the harry potter & the half blood prince festivities really took it out of us.

we had a blast though and really enjoyed the movie. obviously, the book was better, but they did the best they could and completely entertained us.

dinner was excellent too.

details will follow today or tomorrow.

gotta go shake the sleep off! maybe a peet's iced latte is in order...


  1. UGH I know how you feel! I saw the midnight showing, got three hours of sleep, then woke up and went to work! I'm STILL feeling the effects today.

  2. The books are always better. =P

  3. I love a good midnight showing with a good sleeping in the next day. I can't wait to see the movie!

  4. I went to the midnight showing too! I thought it was SO GOOD! There's no way it can compete with the amazing informativeness that is the book, but they did a really good job trying. There were some amazing shots and it was even really funny. I loved it... teenage wizard hormones and all!


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