29 November, 2010

a little bitta silly #2

this is what happens when you don't start your pumpkin pie 'til after midnight the night before thanksgiving and you have to stay up and wait for it to finish baking:








yes, that's carnation evaporated milk.
no, i wasn't actually drinking it.
and yes, i get this hyper every time i stay up too late...which is most nights.

poor levi.


grace said...

pumpkin pie is the best pie and always worth waiting up for.

even if it means dancing and chugging evaporated milk. or pretending to.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness jasmine!!! lol


Unknown said...

hahaha aaahhhh i love it.

Kristen said...

that is too funny! I thought maybe you'd just spiked your carnation! :-)

Tracy said...

you are certifiably insane. i totally respect that. props..

Tracy said...

and fyi, because sometime typing too fast says too little.. you are a joy. make me giggle and i'm far too old to be giggling ;)

Liesl said...

You are adorable!

Liesl :)

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