11 November, 2010

my talented fiancé

i meant to share this earlier!

over a year ago, i featured some of levi's paintings on here. a reader saw one that she liked, and she emailed me about it. a few days later, we met up with her in a coffee shop, and she bought the painting!

it was one of my favorites, so i was a bit sad to see it go.

however, jessica has a great sense of design and style, so the painting was in good hands. it turns out that her apartment is so amazing that apartment therapy did a feature on it!

which means that levi's painting was featured as well!! you can see their apartment tour here. just click on "enter the house tour" to get to the gallery of photos. levi's painting is in photos one & five.

the painting is called white with red no. 2. they accidentally spelled his name w. levi meyers (instead of myers) on the site, but i promise - it's still my levi. :)

her apartment is so cool & so inspiring. they did a really amazing job with it!


  1. i went to an older post about puzzles--did you give it away? there were alot of people who wanted to take it off your hands.

  2. How awesome is that?!? I love that piece too, your man's got skills!

  3. awww! yipeeee! fun to see this post.

    i'm so in love with that piece + so happy to have spent some hard earned money on it ;) it's beautiful + will be in our home for years + years + years to come. i'm completely converted to buying original art on a local level now.

    the painting has been in the office, near the front door (where the starburst mirror is) + is now settled in this strip between the dining nook + living room. hopefully i won't have to move it again for a bit! ;)

    sorry about his name being spelled wrong! don't know if that was my error or theirs, but i'll ask them to update it!


  4. love it! such a gorgeous piece!
    xo tash


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