10 November, 2010

what you're wearing: brigid

i'm sooo excited for this week's edition of what you're wearing because i get to introduce you to the lovely brigid!

brigid is probably my best twitter friend (btf, perhaps?). tragically, she doesn't have a blog!! what?!? no blog, you say! i know. it's horrific. however, her tweets are enough to hold me over 'til she gets on the blog train one day. you can find her on twitter here, where she tweets about her brand-new husband, her lovely life in nyc, her sweet little students (she's a kindergarten teacher), & all kinds of yummy things she's eating. seriously, aren't food tweets the best? i love them...especially, when accompanied by pictures!

without further ado, i present:


isn't she darling? and doesn't that outfit look so cozy & chic? i love it.

faux fur vest: anthropologie
shirt: urban outfitters
jeans: levi's
boots: aldo

1. where did you wear this outfit?
walking around our neighborhood. the weather was so beautiful, matt and i were just itching to get out and take a walk and we ended up walking all the way to the east river!

2. where are your favorite places to shop? favorite online stores?
anthropologie is definitely my favorite. it's hard not to fall head over heels for that store. i also very much like urban outfitters and j. crew.

3. do you have a style icon?
katharine hepburn. she was the first women to wear pants in a major motion picture and scandalized most of america! she was smart, spirited and independent and had an incredible sense of personal style.

4. what do you have the most fun shopping for and wearing? (i.e. sunglasses, jewelry, shoes, jeans, boots, sweaters, things with stripes, skirts, you get the idea)
well, i can tell you i've never been a shoes girl. maybe because i have what my uncle long ago described as "fred flinstone" feet. in other words: wide, wide, wide! my favorite things to shop for are scarves and handbags. i think they can dramatically change the look of an outfit. i also love mixing different patterns in my outfits -- stripes with florals or polka dots with plaid, for instance.

5. is there anything you would love to wear, but are timid to try?
shorts. i wish i could pull them off but i don't think i have the legs for it. i haven't i've worn a pair of shorts in public since i was somewhere around seven.

and now for the silly/fun questions:

1. if your style spoke a language, what would it be?
definitely a dialect of some kind because my personal style is always evolving and there are no hard and fast rules. i found this blurb on new york english when searching for american dialects -- it definitely fits the bill as my style has been heavily influenced by living in new york city these past three and a half years.

2. what cartoon character best reflects your sense of style?
this was a tough one. my mind immediately went to alice in wonderland because i love the whimsy and specter of it, but i couldn't think of just one character whose style reflected my own. i finally settled on the mad hatter. i love the mad hatter's bold colors and playful accessories, namely his top hat, oversized bow tie and chartreuse blazer. besides, what could be better than a never ending tea party? (the march hare and dormouse aren't too shabby either!).

3. what time period would you love to have dressed in?
the 1930s. i'm obsessed with the finger wave hairstyle and i love the mix of tomboy and femme from that era.

i hope you enjoyed getting to know brigid! you can say hello to her here.


  1. oh i love brigid! she's such a great twitter friend!!

    what a wonderful feature, jasmine!

  2. I'm hearing so much about this Anthropologie story! I need to check it out!

  3. I wanna be her twitter friend! :)
    she's got some mad style! (love that vest)

  4. jasmine, thanks so much for featuring me! i had a lot of fun!

    camilla & geri, thank you for your sweet comments!

  5. love it love it LOVE it! Especially the vest!


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