05 November, 2010

i only have a minute, so i choose to talk about food. naturally.

one night this week, i made cider-glazed chicken with browned-butter pecan rice.

it was really yummy (and very easy), so i thought i would recommend it to you guys!

you can find the recipe here. one note - my "glaze" turned out more like a sauce than a glaze. it was still great, but don't be disappointed if yours does the same thing.

bon appetit!

p.s. this was the first time i wore the apron my mom's friend made for me. you can see it towards the end of this post. soooo cute! i think she should sell them.

p.p.s. have a great weekend! we both came down fevers & colds yesterday morning, so we're hoping for a quick recovery. there's too much to do (especially with only 65 days 'til the wedding) to be sick!!


  1. mmmmm--pecan rice? that sounds so, so good! thanks for the recommendation

  2. jasmine. hahahaha oh my hell, i just read all your posts from your shower and invitations and good gracious, you are so cute. you make me laugh out loud.
    it has been a truly happy thing to read your posts as you've become happier yourself. it's a beautiful transition and evolution to have been able to read about and experience from over here.

    i hope ya'll are feeling better soon! i had the same thing last week and totally caved, begging an on-campus doctor for antibiotics! i'm weak, i tell you! but they work. haha.

    here's to you (and levi!): feel better and keep up this blog, please. you're such a joy to know--even if it is in the blogosphere.


  3. Thanks for the yummy recommendation! You look adorable too!

    Liesl :)

  4. Aww adorable! Loving how up to date you're keeping us! This is just fab!
    xo tash

  5. That sounds like a great Fall meal. Boo to being sick...that is no fun at all for either of you. I hope you both get well pronto. xo

  6. loll awe u look adorable!!!!
    feel better!!

  7. Don't stress about that only 65 days to the wedding thing. Most of the action happens during the last two weeks anyways.


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