24 November, 2010

getting dressed: week seven

i skipped last week's outfit post. it was a crazy week.

i wore this outfit shopping with levi when we went looking for groomsmen outfits. we also included a little date at maggiano's on this outing. ohhhh maggiano's, i love you. i love how huge the portions are. it's so easy to split things there. levi & i always split. at first, he wasn't into it, but once he saw how much cheaper it is, he got on board! we would never be able to eat out if we didn't share.

anyway, this was one of those thrown together outfits. it started with the tights and then i just grabbed things and threw them on from there.





cardigan: bdg from urban outfitters
sleeveless ruffle shirt: j.crew
skirt: bdg from urban outfitters
tights: eloise from anthropologie
shoes: circo from target (kid's section)
car: little werewolf from volvo

p.s. today is my momma's birthday! happy birthday, momma! i love you!!


  1. CUTE-CUTE! Love the MUSTARD!

    I also love that you guys split dishes. I wish that Nick and I could. For some reason his 6'6 frame needs A LOT OF nutrients! Our splitting would be his appetizer.

  2. so adorable! you totally rock the mustard. and how is your hair always so awesome? xoxox

  3. I just found your blog and I love it!!

  4. Cute! Cute! Cute!! Jasmine-- You are a portrait of cuteness!!!


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