15 November, 2010


good morning & happy monday!

here are some delicious treats i've been enjoying lately:

1. assorted yummies from our neighborhood candy store (gretel enjoys treats too)
2. an unassuming looking brownie from SusieCakes that ended up being delicious
3. the cutest little froggie petit four

(not pictured: pumpkin pie, chocolate chip cookies, watermelon sour warheads, licorice - there's always licorice)

sometimes something sweet is all it takes.


  1. yesss!! kinder hippos are THE BEST.
    hazelnut is my fave.

  2. Isn't Susie just THE best? So homey, love it! Not to mention delicious...

  3. oh man, I want that little froggie+isn't susiecakes incredible? There's a susiecakes in Calabasas that is always giving away free cake, It's so yummy. It's probably the reason I've gained 5 pounds.

  4. Apple cider, plain/cinnamon sugar dounts, and apple pie.

    And anything else sweet I can get my hands on.

  5. I need that frog treat in my life, like now.

    That pic made me laugh so hard I cried a little. I love that.

  6. the little froggie petite four is precious and looks delish! i've been eating pretzel m&ms lately; they're so wonderful, have you tried them?


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