15 November, 2010


i type furiously. like there's fire in my fingertips.

my fingers feel alive. they buzz.

they tap. they stretch. they know where they're going. what they're doing. there is a direct line of communication between my head and my fingers.

between my heart and my fingers.

the screen can't shoot letters, words, thoughts, & phrases out fast enough.

i type just to hear that satisfying click clack on my keyboard. just to feel my fingers flying across this small rectangle of squares that represent all i need to say.

my wrists sit still. just resting. calm. like nothing is happening mere inches away.

but so much is happening. my fingers are so busy. keeping up. always keeping up.

thank you, fingers.

you've always been able to keep up with my brain. you're a wonder & a marvel. some of God's finest work.
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