24 November, 2010

my baby's 30th birthday

scenes from levi's 30th birthday, courtesy of everyone's cell phones:

2010-11-21 19.10.43

2010-11-21 19.11.53
dinner at border grill in santa monica. YUM.

gretel playing with a balloon bouquet from levi's dad. (also pictured: my disaster zone of a house)

me playing dress up on our all day shopping trip with levi's birthday money from my mom! he couldn't find anything he wanted. i found plenty. too bad it wasn't my birthday!

because of the wedding, we celebrated in a low-key fashion. i plan on making up for it next year by throwing levi a huge 31st birthday bash!


  1. Happy belated birthday, Levi! Loving the photos, especially the one of Gretel...how dang cute is that?!!!
    Wishing you both a great weekend!

  2. Looks like it was fun, I love the picture of Gretel playing with the balloons, very cute.


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