10 November, 2010

getting dressed: week six

i've been very sick for the last week. booo!

i think the wedding stress pushed me over the edge. i didn't leave the house all weekend except for once on monday. needless to say, i haven't really left my pajamas lately. haha!

so this week's getting dressed post shows you what you can find me in when i'm sick...or working. i work from home as an editor so, usually, i'm in lounge-y type clothes on my couch. after the wedding, we plan on putting together a little "office nook" for me though! exciting!!

ahhh, working from home is so glamorous! this my current favorite lounge ensemble.

pajama pants: pure & good at anthropolgie
long sleeved henley: pure & good at anthropologie

i highly recommend this brand for loungewear & pjs. everything is really soft & cozy.


  1. you're rocking the lounge clothes! Those are my fave!

  2. you're hot!

    i want to work from home as an editor.
    that'd be my dream.

  3. Cute!! I can't wait to see what your little office nook will look like.

  4. Anthro? No brainer right?!
    xo tash


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