25 November, 2010

happy thanksgiving, mes amis!

i hope you all enjoy a beautiful day with friends & family!

today i'm thankful for:

1. levi
2. my amazing family
3. red bull
4. my engagement ring (soon to be my wedding ring)
5. all of the amazing, generous people who are helping us put this wedding on
6. my blog
7. the little baby growing in my s-i-l's tummy
8. cute clothes
9. my dvr
10. coffee
11. gretel & lily
12. my calloused feet & constantly bruised knees/legs (they're proof that i get to enjoy dancing on a regular basis)
13. glee
14. the sweet care package i received in the mail from brigid yesterday
15. all my beautiful blog friends
16. my job
17. jesus
18. good food

love you all!



  1. happy thanksgiving! i put glee on my thankful list too :)

  2. so I mis-read #7!!!! I got real excited for a minute! lol Congrats to your sil!

  3. what a great list!! i need to compile a thankful list, too. xo


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