03 November, 2010

what you're wearing: lauren

hi guys! i am starting a brand new series this morning. i've had a lot of fun doing my getting dressed series, so i thought it would be fun to introduce you to some others bloggers and show you what they're wearing as well!

i'm also including a fun interview section so that we can get to know more about their personal style! some of the questions are pretty awesome, if i do say so myself.

to get things started, lauren from busy bee lauren is sharing an outfit with us. have you guys met lauren? probably. she's kind of a big deal. if you haven't, make sure to pop in and say hello on her blog. i think you'll appreciate her honesty, joie de vivre, & awesome sense of humor. that's why i appreciate her anyway! :)

without further ado, i present:


dress: thrifted, vintage
coat: gift from a reader's grandma, vintage
pumps: thrifted, vintage
belt: gift from a friend's mom, vintage
bow pin: from the melrose flea market, vintage

1. where did you wear this outfit?
i wore this outfit our for a nice dinner with my husband. it was a little chilly outside, so i was delighted to wear a coat! first coat day of the year!

2. where are your favorite places to shop? favorite online stores?
my absolute favorite place to shop is goodwill. people always laugh at me, but seriously...i have SO many amazing vintage dresses and blouses from there. i love 50% off days! i also do some online shopping at my two favorite vintage ebay stores: vanda vintage & twitch vintage. both are amazing!

3. do you have a style icon?
i LOVE camilla belle. she is gorgeously flawless and i have never seen her in an outfit that was less than perfection. she inspires me daily! i also love rachel bilson and of course, zooey deschanel...but who doesn't?

4. what do you have the most fun shopping for and wearing? (i.e. sunglasses, jewelry, shoes, jeans, boots, sweaters, things with stripes, skirts, you get the idea)
definitely vintage dresses. i seem to always be on the hunt for another. and my collection is already quite ridiculous. but there is nothing like wearing a pretty dress. even if you are just grocery shopping! also, i think i enjoy wearing them so much, because they actually fit the curves of a woman! not the dresses these days that only fit girls without a butt. oh hai...i have a butt. i need room! :)

5. is there anything you would love to wear, but are timid to try?
i would love to wear rompers, but i am totally scared. i feel like there is a fine line between fabulous and frumpy, so i don't even know where to start.

and now for the silly/fun questions:

1. if your style spoke a language, what would it be?
i seriously have no idea. my style is totally eclectic. who knows!

2. what cartoon character best reflects your sense of style?
minnie mouse. she loved bold prints with bright color, and lots of fun!

3. what time period would you love to have dressed in?
the 60's and the 70's. such gorgeous clothes!

i hope you enjoyed the first edition to the new series! i think it's going to be a lot of fun! i already have a lot of great bloggers lined up to show us what they're wearing and inspire us with their personal style.


  1. I love Lauren and her style! This outfit is one of my faves!

    she inspires me daily.

  2. i think your style would be multi-lingual, Lar :)

    love it! she's a beaut and an inspiration, no doubt about it.

  3. Oh I love Lauren too, though I'm pretty sure that it's a universal thing. How could you not? Jasmine, this an a fantastic idea! Love it!!

  4. The outfit is perfect! I love coats.

  5. I always appreciate her sense of humor too :)

  6. Lauren is fabulous. I love her sense of style and her sense of humor!

  7. Lauren is the best when it comes to thrifting. Often times I will walk into our thrift store and think, "if I only had Lauren here with me."

  8. yayy!! i'm so excited for this series. i think lauren must shop at the best goodwill in the universe. or she has super good thrifter's karma :) either way, love her clothes!

  9. i love how lauren can rock the vintage and thrifted looks! she's awesome.

  10. lauren has such great style!! love it!!

  11. what great finds! ps, how does lauren do her hair?

  12. fun and inspiring post! i love lauren's style - this girl knows how to dress!

  13. going to goodwill immediately. fun interview!! :)

  14. Hi Lauren! I just learned so much about you in this post! I think Thrift Stores are amazing and have found some great things the last couple of times I went.

    Love your coat!! <3

  15. i just can't pull off the vintage as well as lauren does. i totally admire her style. and i love her.

  16. she's beautiful and I LOVE the outfit!

  17. Lauren has great, unique style! Too bad her mom has nothing of the sort, haha! :D

  18. This is such a fun new series- and I agree- my butt needs room too! hahaha

  19. I love Lauren. I actually found your blog through hers. I've been devouring your blog for probably an hour now :)

  20. I love this series and look forward to more. Fabulous outfit! Fabulous questions - wonderful answers!

  21. She is lovely and what a fun interview! Thank you for featuring such a positive and fashion forward lady like Lauren!

    Liesl :)

  22. I will be jealous of her hair forever! And Minnie Mouse is my favorite character in the whole world!

  23. Love the jacket! Love how she can pull off wearing read lipstick!

  24. So awesome! That's my girl! :) Greatest fashion sense on the planet. <3

  25. Lauren, you look great, I especially love those shoes!

  26. Oh FUN! Love these questions!
    xox tash

  27. Awesome! I popped over from Busy Bee, but now I'm a follower. Love this idea!

  28. Lauren totally makes me want to learn how to dress vintage! You know how you see someone and you absolutely LOVE their style but you don't know if you could pull it off yourself. Yeah, that's how I feel about Lauren!

  29. Absolutely love Lauren... and I agree, thrift stores are my favorite shopping places! :)


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