03 November, 2010

getting dressed: week five

just when i was getting ready to pull out the tights & sweaters, southern california reared its schizophrenic head on me... again.

it was 91 in some parts of LA yesterday. enough said.

(i told levi i was "smizing" in this photo... with my sunglasses on. ha!)

foxy tank: h&m
denim skirt: j.crew
shoes: seychelles
sunglasses: same as always
polka-dot bow: h&m


  1. OMG! Toooo cute! Love the outfit! Wish I could say the same about the temps here-- haha! It's FALLLLL everywhere here now-- yellow, red, orange-- looks like a huge painting of nature! Beautiful.. today was about 60 something degrees- not bad for Nov!
    Enjoy the HOT weather! I'll tell my students tomorrow and this week and they'll all be surprised!!
    Take care, Leesa

  2. You look super cute and summery! In November! Yay for crazy ass California weather! :)

  3. I can totally see you smizing. Tyra would be so proud, maybe even a little jealous. I love your shirt!

  4. These are the days where I'm so sad that I don't live in the westside! I live directly under the hollywood sign {the D to be exact} and it was 96 today.... ummm no thanks!
    Here's to fall huh?!
    xox tash

  5. Can you PLEASE send over some skinny tips. You look so toned+you have the tiniest little waist. Do I need to eat more eggs? lol


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