04 November, 2010

bridal shower part I: décor & food

if you haven't already, check out our wedding invitations from my post earlier this morning.

part one of my coffee shop themed bridal shower.

i have a lot photos to share from my bridal shower, so i'm dividing this into two posts. the second will post later today.

my bridal shower was a joint effort of some of my bridesmaids (ivy, chrystal, & kathleen), my mom, & a family friend (janet). my bridesmaid, lauren, also flew down the day of just to attend my shower! and my bridesmaid, candace, helped as well. i felt so special & loved by everyone who helped & attended. it was perfect.

i had lovely food at my shower including macarons (these were a surprise - they're expensive, so i really wasn't expecting them at all), banana chocolate chip cupcakes with chocolate marshmallow frosting (from a family friend), tomato basil quiche, a parmesan pancetta quiche, & several other yummy, snacky things.

i'm not gonna lie - the majority of that tower was consumed by me. i've never had the luxury of being able to eat so many paulette macarons in one sitting!

my beautiful mom & sister-in-law, chrystal

my sister, ivy, made almost all of the décor by hand incorporating coffee bags, newspaper, & kraft paper to stick to the theme.

chrystal thought it would be fun to have a candy bar for the guests.

ivy made these darling little treat bags by hand & drew the little j&l on each one with our wedding date!

ivy placed these little frames all around the room with little tidbits about me & levi in each one. i had a lot of fun finding them & reading them.

guests shared their advice & wisdom in this sweet little book that ivy made for me.
the notecards are in the shape of coffee cups!

they also made a slideshow of photos of me & levi over the years that played while guests chatted & ate.

the funniest part of the day was that no one drank any coffee! there was a coffee display with all kinds of pretty coffee cups in the corner that we all forgot about! haha!


  1. Oh my gosh, this is lovely! I love the handcrafted bags and labels scattered around.

    It looks like a very happy day. :)

  2. macrons are my favorite dessert! i'm jealous that you got to sample s many different flavors.

  3. Wow!! Gorgeous party! I love macaroons. So cool that you were given them as a surprise on your bridal shower.
    That is hilarious that no one had coffee after using that as your theme.

  4. This is an AMAZING party!!!!!!!
    Those frames are such a good idea. That skirt and necklace rock on you.

    Do you still need help with your wedding??

    I'd love to help in any way i can ;)


  5. I am loving your bridal shower...all the little touches are perfect and it looks like it was a huge success! Yippeee for getting your macaroons too! Your dress or shirt and beautiful skirt look lovely on you! Can I just say how much I love the idea of the little facts framed...such a great idea!!!

    Liesl :)

  6. i love the frames with the facts and the advice book! will have to make note of that for the future!

    looks like a great party!

  7. That reminds me of when I made a special scrapbook to be displayed on our sign in table at the wedding. It never made it there. Both me and my mom forgot it!
    Love the little frames. That is such a sweet idea!

  8. Oh mon Dieu! The macarons look delicious.

  9. your shower looks absolutely beautiful! the 'did you know...' frames are precious, and those macarons! mm!


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