29 November, 2010

a little bitta silly #1

levi & i have been in a silly state of mind for the last couple weeks...maybe it's our way of dealing with stress? maybe it's our way of staying warm?

not sure.

anyway, levi's iPhone is pretty full of silly photos & videos, so i am devoting today to silliness.

first up:

bert & ernie



  1. I adore the silly moments. It's not always fun when just one of you is in a silly state of mind, but when you both are...pure awesome! I think those hats rock.

  2. those are PRECIOUS!! i could have used a couple of cookie monster and elmo ones for halloween. i hope you bought these. ;]


  3. Please wear these in your wedding ;)

  4. AWW, I saw these hats at urban outfitters and I really want one. I might get one for Big Bear! You two are so cute+so in love:)

  5. Please tell me you bought those hats, too cute :-)


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