12 November, 2010

f is for friday

levi & i had so much fun watching a sesame street classic songs playlist on youtube last night. totally random, but a little walk down memory lane is really nice once in awhile. we had fun pointing out the ones we remembered from when we were kids.

gosh, wasn't sesame street the BEST back then?? levi was hilarious when Bert's Doin' the Pigeon came on...he knew how to do the pigeon still. ha! so cute. he is getting more & more excited to start our own family. i love it. :)

here are two of our favorites for your own walk down memory lane:

i am still not feeling well. this cold/flu/plague that i have is horrible. it won't go away! we have a lot of plans this weekend, so i'm probably going to have to ignore it and just get on with my life!

up first: tonight, we're going to see annie!

what are your plans?


  1. Oscar the grouch used to totally freak me out.

  2. Do you know they got rid of the cookie monster because he taught children bad eating habbits?? Lame!! I always loved Elmo :-)

  3. cute! tonight, we're having a date night. :) I think we're going to see the SAW movie - it's in 3D!!! I'm so excited!

  4. Oh no! I know of more than a few people with this god awful plague. Sorry! Sending "quick recovery" vibes your way!

  5. aww, good ol sesame street! my hubby and i tried to be elmo and cookie monster for halloween... it's much harder than it looks, somehow. we were laughable! :[


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