23 November, 2010

coffee...always coffee

i know i'm always talking about coffee, but i just love it so much.


i love the taste, the smell. i love how it looks. i love how it makes me feel. i love it hot. i love it cold. i love it black. or with cream & sugar.

nothing beats an excellent cup of high quality coffee.

i also love pictures of coffee. whenever i get a pretty cup, i won't drink it 'til i can snap a photo...if a camera is handy of course.

but i think the best thing about coffee is the ritual. nothing feels more civilized or more luxurious than sitting down to a nice cup of coffee with friends, family, or the man you love.

(p.s. remember that time i had to stop drinking coffee for awhile? that was sad.)


  1. I'm with you. Coffee is one of life's great pleasures in my book. Especially when there is ritual involved, although I like it even just as I'm starting my work day!

  2. I agree with you! I love coffee art! And I love the simple pleasure of sitting down for a cup of coffee with friends. =)

  3. I've always wanted to drink coffee just because it seems so sophisticated... wine makes me think the same way though! lol

  4. It's ALL SO TRUE. Coffee makes the world go round! I love, love, love it. My lover will open the bag every morning, take a deep inhale and you would have thought it was the first time he smelt fresh coffee beans. His eyes roll back and he just smiles.

    My mom keeps telling me that perhaps my daily coffee is contributing to my anxiety. PSH! All ya all are simply going to have to DEAL, cause I aint not gonna have my cup of joe in the mornings. I'd rather go days without showering then give up coffee.

    The best coffee is Thunderbird Coffee. It's kind of expensive and so we don't have it all that often. But I'm not joking. It will knock your socks off!



  5. couldn't agree with you more.
    it's heartwarming and reassuring and it makes you stop for a moment and just enjoy.

    the europeans really do it right. coffee is VERY important there.

  6. I adore coffee. I agree that the ritual is equally as important as the lovely jolt of caffeine that propels me through the morning.

  7. wait girl- have you ever had blue bottle coffee!? its a sf company and they sell either a latte, cap, americano, iced or individual drip... you know its good when there aren't 5 million options.
    if you're a coffee lover i swear blue bottle is worth the trip to san francisco

  8. cruel post. i haven't had any coffee today and it's almost 2pm. i almost cried reading this :(


  9. you've just described exactly how i feel about coffee. my day is not complete without it!!

  10. Coffee. Forever and ever amen.

    Although...ive had to switch to decaf lately cause i was getting too cracked out on the stuff.

    After a few weeks of tea. I had to give in and just buy decaf. I love having coffee for breakfast!

  11. dude, just wait until your honeymoon! there is nothing better than a cafe au lait on the streets of paris or rome!


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