23 November, 2010

the cold front

it has been faaaareeeeezing in our house lately.

time to pull my slippers out of the back of the closet!

too bad they're filthy from constant use last year. i wish i would have bought 90 pairs in my size. :(

this is how lily tries to stay warm:

she turns herself into a popple!


  1. popple kitty is just plain cute!
    where did you get those slippers? I would love some just like that.

  2. slipper boots! the best ever. ever.
    and it has been chilly round these parts lately!
    AND I want to cuddle with that little ball-of-kittie on the top of your couch. so cute.

  3. Ah this makes me miss my kitty so much!!

  4. yayyy other people know what a popple is!! :D


  5. @katy my slippers are from gap from last winter. they are SO cute, comfortable, & warm, but they got thrashed pretty easily. i'm on the hunt for a new pair of slipper boots for this winter! anthro, gap, and h&m have some cute ones right now.

  6. your gretel kitty is getting so big!!!! very cute.

  7. so cute! And wow I haven't heard the word popple in so long! I LOVE those things!

  8. oh my gosh Lily is so cute! I have never seen a cat do that before. precious.


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