04 November, 2010

bridal shower part II: presents, poses, etc.

(this concludes my wedding extravaganza for today. see pt. I here, invitations here, & details on my shower outfit here.)

part two of my coffee shop themed bridal shower.

opening presents at your bridal shower must be some sort of rite of passage.

i felt so self-conscious after having all eyes on me for so long.

it didn't help that my mom told me to hurry up towards the beginning!! haha!

everyone showered me with such lovely, generous gifts. i felt so perfectly spoiled.

judging the toilet paper bridal gown competition was fun!

the winning team received gift cards to peet's & starbuck's inside a baggie with coffee beans. i love how the theme was woven into everything throughout the party.

my mom's friend, kimberley, made me this adorable apron. it's reversible! how cute, right?? i love it. i used it last night & felt so cute as i cooked dinner.

i love this picture of me & my mom. i was so over smiling for photos by this point!

and finally, a family portrait on the staircase.
(p.s. my shower was at my mom's friend's house. it's amazing. they have a kitchen island the size of my living room & a front entrance the size of my bedroom.)


  1. that apron is adorable! your mom's friend should open an etsy shop...

  2. Ooh la la! Super fun!!!

    Liesl :)

  3. I was wondering who's house that was, it's gorgeous! You look fantastic, as does your mom & sister. You've got some great genes my friend! Lucky you!

  4. You know I love that skirt, right?

  5. I was nervous at my showers too but, that doesn't even compare to the wedding! My flowers looked like they were going through a hurricane I was shaking so bad!

  6. EVERYTHING about your shower looks absolutely, positively, beautiful and perfect! So happy for you. xoxox

  7. Oh this is so cute. I am in LOVE with that skirt and the top goes perfectly with it!
    I really love the apron, although really, when im cooking, I tend more to spill on my top than bottom. However, having somewhere to wipe my hands that is not my pants would be really handy.
    Great photos!


  8. your shower is so perfect. can really tell how loved you are by all the hard work that went into it. also, i've said this a couple times before but your outfit (especially that skirt) is to die for.

  9. Looks like you had loads of fun!

    Your mom's pants are so RAD. I <3 them!

  10. Congrats! I love your outfit so much! Where did you get that skirt?! And the apron is adorable!

    xoxo, love your blog by the way!

  11. aw, I love all these pictures+that apron is just the cutest.

  12. hahaha! love the one of you holding up the lingerie. too funny.

  13. that skirt is adorable, i love it!


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