22 November, 2010

to my levi

good morning, baby!

you're 30 today! thirty. THIRTY. can you believe it??

i love you so much, and i'm so excited that i'm the girl that gets to celebrate these big days with you. i feel so lucky and so blessed that you picked me. and i'm very happy that i picked you.

best decision ever.

for your birthday, i'd like to tell you 30 reason i love 30-year old YOU:

1. even if you don't believe it, you're so creative & so talented.
2. you appreciate good food.
3. you're a beer snob.
4. you worry about what kind of dad you'll be - this proves to me that you'll be a great one.
5. you yell at the tv when the football is on. yes, it kind of bugs me, but i'm still glad you do it. it's cute, and i like that you care so much.
6. you come up with things like making kitty hammocks out of coffee bags, & then you do it!
7. you've taught me to love coffee SO MUCH.
8. you are obsessed with trying to convince me to let you sleep on my side of the bed.
9. you fill up efferson in the middle of the night when he runs out of water.
10. you refer to him as efferson...and never the humidifier.
11. you love jesus.
12. you humor me when i want to go to 3 different grocery stores just to cook 1 meal.
13. you take out the trash & clean the litter box without having to be asked.
14. you make me laugh.
15. you pray with me.
16. you have great style...even if we can't afford to buy you new clothes.
17. you remember all my favorites.
18. you rarely complain when i want to make special trips just for happy hippos & dark salt caramels, & you have accepted that i will always eat dessert every single night.
19. you can eat a whole pumpkin pie in one sitting.
20. you get excited when you do great hair, & you love your job.
21. you've watched batman begins about a hundred thousand times.
22. you appreciate more things about me than i knew existed.
23. you spoil me rotten.
24. you are h-o-t HOT.
25. you're a spectacular kisser.
26. you let me be me, & you encourage me in the things i love.
27. you read art magazines cover to cover.
28. you geek out on arts & craft time.
29. you remember who i'm talking about when i bring up blog people.
30. you really want to be my husband, & i know you will never ever leave me.

i hardly even scratched the surface there, levi! you are such an incredible man. i can't wait to call you husband.

happy happy birthday to my favorite person in the world - my levi.
you are my best.

love always & forever,
your jasi bean pie

(i still laugh every time i see this picture, you little model.)


  1. Happy Birthday, Levi! What a wonderful list for someone who is so clearly a wonderful person.

  2. This made me smile a lot...so sweet. Happy birthday Levi!

  3. "8. you are obsessed with trying to convince me to let you sleep on my side of the bed." I can totally relate to this one! I'm too much of a creature of habit.

    Give Levi our regards, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


  4. Beautiful! Happy Birthday, Levi!!

  5. Happy Birthday to Levi! I hope he has a great, awesome, wonderful birthday. :) And I love your list! It's really cute!

  6. ADORABLE!!!! These were so cute!!
    If my boyfriend read my blog, I would have wished I had done one of these before he turned 30 last week :)


  7. Aww, this was so sweet.
    A very Happy Birthday to Levi!!

  8. such a sweet post! Sounds like you're pretty lucky to have such an amazing 30yr old! :)

  9. happy birthday, levi. yes, i know it was yesterday but i'm just reading this post today.....i'm sure you had a wonderful day if you got to spend any part of it with Jasmine. oh and I LOVE that picture of you in your swimsuit!!!!

  10. so cute! sounds like you two were made for each other. happy 30th to Levi! (that's a big one. hip hip!!)

  11. That is the funniest kid photo I've ever seen, Levi was too cute...still is lol.

    It looks like a photo from :awkwardfamilyphotos.com

    HAHA! In all sillyness :-)


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