16 November, 2010

a fall walk

on one of my sickest weekends (i'm still sick btw), we got out of the house once for a little walk.

it was a gorgeous day. so sunny, crisp, & blustery. perfect fall weather.

i love shadows.

and just to prove that i'm still sick:

yes, that's me sitting in my underwear in our hall closet looking miserable (i think i sat down in the closet on the way to the shower 'cause i was tired - not sure...i'm weird). there's a funny video that accompanies this photo, but i figured this was enough of me in my underwear on the blog. hehe.


  1. those leaf photos are beautiful!

    ohmy! feel better soon.

  2. ha! i love the last image of you sitting in the closet... we've all been there sister!

  3. hahahaha. is the closet comfortable or something?? hope you feel better! xoxox

  4. still sick?? Have you tried juicing? or a homemade protein drink? Just to get your immune system back up. Or lots of tea? you poor thing, I feel like you've been sick foreverrrr

  5. oh gosh...you look awful. I don't know mean that in a rude way, just in a 'I'm so sorry your sick' kind of way.

    But I really loved your closet photo. I wanted to laugh really loud but then couldn't because you have such a 'sick' look on your face and I felt so bad for you.

    Get well soon!

  6. haha! it's okay. i DO look awful! that photo makes me laugh too. it's so pathetic.

  7. LOL!! oh jasmine. you make me laugh ;]

    yay that you got some fall though!! :]


  8. oh no, still sick? glad to hear you got some autumn and comfy closet time though!

    hope you feel better soon!

  9. love your pictures! sorry about still being sick. are you drinking lots of water?

  10. hope you are feeling better today.
    the walk looks wonderful - love the gutter of beautiful leaves:)

  11. that's so funny. sad, but funny! :) i also love leaves pictures... swoon.


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