02 November, 2010

buttercup the ladybug!

warning: i hope you like dogs 'cause this post is full of them.

this halloween, we attended belmont shore's annual howl-o-ween dog parade.
i don't think you've ever seen so many cute puppies in one place! it was amazing. so many people put so much time and effort into their dogs' costumes. we saw so many awesome costumes and adorable dogs...and some downright crazy dog owners. haha! very eccentric...

of course, the most adorable pup of all was my family dog, buttercup. my mom and butter came up for the event. buttercup dressed as a ladybug, and i wore ladybug antennae to match her as i walked her. her costume was simple and not even planned in advance (she wore the wings from my mom's ladybug costume - ha!), but, for some reason, she was a big hit! people kept coming up to ask to take her picture throughout the day. a couple people from the paper even snapped photos of the lovely buttercup.

here we go:

butter posing for a picture

"i'll take one peanut butter puptart, please."

breast cancer awareness bulldog

"starving pugs moving company." i think they might have been my favorite.

the beekeepers with their little bee

this little handicap pup had a set of wheels to help him get around. please notice the peg leg on his costume! haha!

they had the whole wizard of oz crew assembled. the dogs were munchkins and flying monkeys.

lobster dinner

this tiny one seriously pushed her little cart through the whole parade. hahaha!

chik-fil-a cow

this little blue eyed boston terrier was the sweetest thing. he hopped right up on me and started giving me kisses. i want him. :(

we had SOOO much fun! next year, we're going to plan ahead, give butter a crazy costume, & actually enter the parade!


  1. "Ladybutter" sounds so dirty. ;)

  2. Oh looks like so much fun.I wish we had a dog costume contest......

  3. THIS IS LIKE MY DREAM EVENT. I love dogs SO much. I would love to go somewhere like this so we could dress up our little baby...

    your family's dog is ADORABLE. What a face!

  4. aw, I love dogs+the little pirate is my favorite!

  5. your pictures are so cute! butter is precious!

  6. Very cool parade!

  7. This post is too cute for words. I don't even have a pup anymore (had to leave him behind in Ohio when I moved to CA) but I definitely want to go next year. The lobster dinner is my favorite!

  8. Oh my goodness! I kept scrolling down and thinking "that one's my favorite"...but they pretty much all were! too cute.

  9. The boston terrier is definitely my favorite...but it have something to do with wanting a dog really really bad haha :)

  10. @kathleen - i couldn't stop thinking about how gross ladybutter sounded! hahah! i had to change the title. :)

  11. that is sooo cool! I love the danes that are dressed like race horses with their jockeys, very cool!

  12. aww i love the breast cancer dog!

  13. OMG! Where the heck was I?!! I'm a crazy dog person and this seems like it's right up my alley!
    xox tash


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