17 December, 2010

three things.


our friend, ed, saw our wedding rings at the jeweler's (he works in jewelry so he was there on business). he called levi to give him an ETA and used the f-word to describe how beautiful my ring looks.

this pretty much made my entire week! i get a little shaky with excitement when i think about it. i CAN'T WAIT to see both of our rings!!!!


in other news, i love levi.

i know this is stating the obvious, but he's just really incredible. he is the best sounding board in the world. he helps me sort out my feelings and make decisions. he gives me great advice. he always supports me. he surprises me with little treats and things he knows i would like. he makes me feel special. he has stepped up SO much with wedding planning. he actually takes care of things without me having to ask him!!! planning things! and this is totally out of his element. he is not naturally inclined to take care of these types of chores, but he makes the effort because he loves me. he makes himself remember to do these things. it means so much more to me than he'll ever understand.

he loves me so much more than i realize. sometimes i feel like he must love me more than i love him. he's better at showing me his love anyway. i'm so lucky to be this loved. i don't deserve it in any way.


levi dropped my toothbrush in the toilet the other night. we laughed.


happy weekend!


  1. yay rings! can't wait to see them!

  2. Three--that's why I always put down the lid when in the bathroom doing make-up or hair.

  3. sure hope you got a new toothbrush before brushing your teeth! lol

  4. Loved this post!! So cute! I am so happy for you both!

  5. def excited to see the rings!!!

  6. i feel the same way about my greg. :]


  7. it was nice to meet you too!!! you are just as cute as I thought you would be :)


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