20 December, 2010

je les aime de tout mon cœur.

i received the sweetest package on saturday from levi's cousin, robin.

it was a belated bridal shower gift that included a treat all the way from france...


ladurée macarons!

i'm sure you already know how thrilled i was!

wasn't that the sweetest, most thoughtful gift? it definitely made my day.







i'm going to find a good use for the beautiful box they came in & treasure it forever.


  1. Oh my goodness, they look phenomenal. Wow. Hope you enjoyed every single bite!

  2. oh my goodness french macaroons are the best! i went to france for the first time in April and had them.... everyday. between those, the croissants, the hot chocolate, the bread with nutella, and the crepes, I was in heaven! when you go to France for your honeymoon, you have to go to Angelina's in Paris. I'm not lying when I say that they have the worlds BEST hot chocolate and croissants. simply amazing!!

  3. ohmyGOD. i've never had those. someone needs to send me a box! haha!


  4. What an awesome gift! They are almost too pretty to eat...almost. Ha :)

  5. ahhhhh i love this! such a cute present! i know i sound lame, but after watching an episode of gossip girl where blair eats macarons, i've always wanted to try one!!!

  6. Exquisite! I have to get over there- yum yum! LOVE the pics, too.. They're sooo clear- did you use a macro lens for that? I'm sure you enjoyed them all to the last crumb... Leesa

  7. I really want some of those...cookies? Macaroons? Oh goodness.


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