13 December, 2010

last week/this week

last week, at this time, we were heading to downtown LA to take care of our wedding rings.

(side-note: i had to leave my ring there, and i'm hating not wearing it. i'm sooooo excited to get it back though and to see levi's ring! ohhh, they're gonna be amazing.)

and this week, we're heading back to downtown LA to get some supplies for wedding décor. wish us luck!

i'm kinda hoping that we'll pop into bottega louie for something yummy like we did last week...



(not as good as the macarons at my beloved paulette, but still quite delicious)

(don't they look like roses? so pretty.)


(prettiest pastry boxes ever)

(tiramisu éclair)

(this is our very good friend, ed. he's levi's "big brother" and my {almost} "brother-in-law." he's the BEST.)

(they serve their iced tea with simple syrup! it's the little things.)

(little things like complimentary sparkling water & pink salt in the shakers)

(poor levi was sick & running a fever. he let me & ed do most of the talking.)

(bianco pizza with ricotta & arugula. divine.)

it was the most beautiful restaurant. i want to buy it and live in it. pretty sure we're going to have to stop in for lunch today...


  1. Those macarons and that pizza look AMAZING. I kind of want to lick the screen right now.

  2. Oh my, SO beautiful!! You were right, I need this place in my life! xoxox

  3. I always see these posts when I am like ravenously hungry haha.

  4. oh my that place looks lovely! Pink salt? Looks so HEALTHY! :) Love everything about that place!

  5. Oh that pizza looks fantastic. I became a fan of fresh arugula on top of my pizzas a long time ago. Some spicy pepperoni, a good cheese and a pile (just like yours!) of arugula on top. Yes, divine is exactly the right word.

  6. love love love bottega louis... if you haven't already, try the lemon ricotta pancakes. Dang.Fine.Good.

  7. good god. this looks amazing!

  8. I have been wanting to go to Bottega Louie! Love the pretty green boxes too, what a fun day :)

  9. Oh wow! Feel like I'm in Paris! hehe! Hey Jasmine.. One of my VERY CLOSEST friend's daughter works there now. Here name is Dominique and she's from SD... I've know her since she was three years old and now she's in her early 20s!
    If you go back again be sure to ask for her- I'm pretty sure she's a pastry chef there..

  10. sweet treats make running errands not so bad at all! everything looks so delicious.

    and i think i'm going to have to start using simple syrup for my iced tea... brilliant!

  11. WOW! Just did a double take with the picture of you and Ed, it looks like two pictures you cut and pasted together because if the lines of the wall and your shirt


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