01 December, 2010

getting dressed: week eight

this is what i wore on thanksgiving. i called it "a study in polka dots."

i am so squinty in all of these photos. it was really sunny that day, & i am hopeless without my sunglasses. my eyes look tiny.



here i'm trying to explain to levi how bright it is.

one of levi's little 4-year old cousins was asking me what happened to my skin. he wanted to know how i got black dots on it. haha!

cardigan: j.crew via ebay
white tee: gap
skirt: bdg from urban outfitters
tights: target
shoes: circo from target (kid's section)


Liesl said...

Super cute! Love the polka dot tights!

Liesl :)

Elise / Pennyweight said...

yay the tights!! you look adorable.

paddle to shore said...

beautiful! You are a polka dot dream

Abigail said...

i'm so glad i'm not the only one to take advantage of the kids' department at target--- to bad my feet are too big for the shoes!

Unknown said...

I love this outfit! Cute blog. :)


Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

I love the cardigan!

Desiree said...

Those tights are super cute!! As is the girl IN them!

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