27 December, 2010


this christmas was very different for me.

we didn't have decorations or a tree.

we didn't give each other presents.

we didn't send out christmas cards or make gingerbread houses or bake christmas cookies.

it lacked all of the anticipation & buildup of excitement that christmas usually brings me.

but it was still a special christmas that included:

- frantic last minute shopping at closing time.

- dinner in the lounge at hof's hut (levi & i have a tradition of eating at restaurants frequented by the older generation on christmas eve).

- a trip to the local red box at 2:00 in the morning followed by an unsuccessful trip to del taco, where we found this sign:


- an up-all-night slumber party on our living room floor where we watched three cheesy movies and didn't sleep a wink.

- christmas morning at my mom's house with creepy victorian masks and fresh muffins. each person's mask eerily suited them.



- marshmallow gun fights.

(that's a marshmallow gun made from pvc piping, not a drug pipe....miley.)

- brunch at my aunt's where i broke out in a crazy fit of laughter brought on by my lack of sleep.

- a 6 hour nap 'til 8:00 at night.

- and baking chocolate chip cookies at midnight.

probably the wackiest christmas i've ever had...


  1. i think that sounds like a wonderful christmas! lots of fun and all the people you love - perfection! xox

  2. It still seems like you had an awesome Christmas. What's up with that sign?? What time is 26:6 AM?? lol


  3. wow! i've never heard of a christmas like that! i love the time on that sign----Happy New year!

  4. That mask is eerily proportionate. Excellent photo.

  5. So funny about the marshmallow gun, a bunch of the boys, and by boys I mean 25-30 year old males in our family got them for Christmas and epic battle then ensued

  6. aw that sounds just perfect! gosh you and levi are just too cute for words. i cannot wait for all your wedding festivities to begin!!


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