10 December, 2010

can i tell you a secret?

i'm a little bit ashamed to announce this because christmas is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE time of the year everrrrrr, but....

i have zero holiday spirit this year.

isn't that sad?!

levi and i aren't getting a tree. we aren't giving each other presents. we aren't sending out christmas cards. no gingerbread houses. we're not throwing a christmas party. i won't be baking cookies and giving them out. we probably won't put up lights or hang our stockings. i don't know if i'll put up any of my decorations.

it's just not happening this year!
(side-note: has anyone else noticed that target has gone completely downhill since they started adding bigger grocery sections to all their stores? their christmas selection is pitiful this year. very disappointing.)

it's not that i feel i should do all these things or that i think those things define what christmas is...it's just that i really like those things, and i wish i wanted to do them!

i guess it's understandable. something had to give. as much as i think i can do everything, i really can't. i'm only one woman. i can't force myself to feel excited for christmas when i'm finally starting to find some excitement within myself for this wedding.

in retrospect, planning a wedding that takes place immediately after the holidays probably wasn't my most brilliant idea...but it made sense at the time.

one thing we have done to foster some holiday spirit this year was volunteer with operation christmas child. it was awesome. we spent four hours sorting through christmas boxes that will be delivered to children in need all over the world. if you have a processing center near you, i highly recommend that you participate next year! we're going to do it again next year, and i even came up with some ideas to make it an even better experience and contribute more to the cause.



and we're going to try to find a couple nights to go look at christmas lights with my family in our two favorite neighborhoods. i guess it's okay that this christmas is a little bit different. it can still be fun and special. if nothing else, it's reiterating the fact that i need to be forgiving of myself when i can't do every single thing i'd like to do. it's something i'm slowly learning and slowly getting better at.

(photo from last year's christmas)


  1. Sounds like you have found a little Christmas in your volunteer work, the adventure you will take peering at lights and may one of these evenings find you cozied up with some peppermint hot chocolate.

    ps I did notice that about Target this year. :)

  2. It's ok that you’re not putting up decorations or buying gifts, or having a lavish holiday party.

    Is that what it's about anyway? Nope!


    I think I see our shoe boxes in the background ;)

  3. i never get a tree + rarely decorate + never feel bad about it! ;) i work in retail + now that scott owns The Green Life, our holiday season is jam-packed busy with work. instead of making myself crazy, i focus on what matters to me, which is my career and close family + friends. i can't be one of those holiday do-it-alls + i'm totally at peace with that! good for you for accepting the same this year.

  4. I understand what you mean, Andre and I aren't getting each other any presents either but I am guilty of getting Christmas treats from Trader Joe's. I couldn't help myself, we don't have treats like that in Canada!

  5. Jesus is the Reason for the Season. While all the tinsel, lights, and gifts are nice, sometimes during the holidays our focus is too much on trivial "worldly" things. Good for you and Levi that you gave of your time and talents to such a good cause. I pray that you feel an overwhelming joy during your Christmas and wedding preparations. Blessing to you Jasmine ;) love, Sara

  6. I think different is good!
    You guys look adorable in the volunteering pictures. I can't wait until we get through with our big move and can get settled and volunteer. I'd like to volunteer in an animal shelter.

    You have the right idea with your chirstmas plans, i need to take some of your advice!

    happpppeee holidays, or more importantly, happy almost wedding time ;)

    <3 gina


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