14 December, 2010


i just thought you should know that we fold 2,000 doilies on sunday with the help of our friends and family.


they're for a little wedding décor project we're doing.


we had everyone over for a little doily-folding party, and it was actually really fun!

i made the most delicious spinach artichoke dip. my mom brought all kinds of yummy snacks over.

the time flew by just chatting, snacking, and folding.

if you have a big DIY project planned for your wedding, i highly recommend asking for help and throwing a simple party to get the work done. something i've learned during this planning process is that people want to help. they want to be included! it feels good to help your friends!

i hope that our guests who have helped us feel a sense of pride when they see how our wedding comes together. i hope they feel good about the part they played, and i hope they know how much we appreciate them.
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