15 December, 2010

getting dressed: week whatever

i think this is week ten of my getting dressed series, but i'm tired of counting, so i'm going to stop now!

i bought this shirt specifically to wear with my gorgeous grey lace skirt from j.crew (purchased with my store credit from my triumphant return that you can read about here). i think it's the perfect color to go with the pretty shade of grey. i also bought it because it was only $15!


(i wish you could see gretel in the corner. she was being so cute.)

(i included this photo so that you could see the lovely hole that my stiletto heel punched into our hardwood floor! also pictured: doily hole punches that will never leave our house no matter how much we sweep!)

shirt: zara
skirt: j.crew
tights: target

i have no idea where i got the shoes. i've had them for years, and the label is worn off.


  1. My favorite outfit of yours yet! You look beautiful!!!

  2. New to your blog. Love it. and you look fabulous.

  3. Do you really have a lime green wall?! Color me jealous!

  4. @oaxacaborn haha! these photos are actually making the wall look a lot brighter (and lime-ier) than it really is. it's a really pretty shade of spring green. the paint color is called "rolling hills." i love it. it's very cheerful and pretty. you can see some more photos of the color here and here.

  5. love this! the skirt is beautiful and the whole outfit is just perfect on you.

  6. this is by far my favorite outfit! love the tights and the color combo of the skirt and shirt. you look fabulous!

  7. this is my favorite outfit you've shared!

  8. I ADORE this photo! 1. you look absolutely STUNNING! 2. I love a bright green wall! My whole office/our back room is in a pretty bright springy green and I love it! Im in the process of trying to figure out a thin chic white desk to put in the room! 3. LOVE Where the Wild Things are! Such BEAUTIFUL sets!

  9. Love this blog! You have really great ideas. I'll definitely follow, keep up the great work!

    I just recently started a blog, with cooking ideas on a budget, come check it out sometime :-)


  10. Hey Jasmine -

    You have great fashion sense.. I love the top AND the skirt! You hair is magnifique, too...

    Have a great rest of the week..

  11. Just sharing the word with bloggers I think may participate:


  12. I have skirt just like that but its green...$5! (Clearance rack at Target).

    I love the color of yours too & that wall!! I was debating on painting my next place that color...thank you for making that a definite YES for me.

  13. that skirt is amazing; i love all the colors in these photos including your pretty chartreuse wall! you look lovely :)

  14. thank you, everyone! you're all so sweet!! :)

  15. Lovely outfit, the colour are perfect together!

    xxx Charlie
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  16. Love your outfit! You look beautiful!

  17. Love your outfit! You look beautiful!


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