01 December, 2010

what you're wearing: sonya

alright. after a 3-week hiatus, i'm bringing back the what you're wearing series with sonya of sass. sonya writes about her life, her beautiful little girls, her interests, and her loves. she shares her gorgeous photos and her gorgeous self.

also, she's moved like 95,000 times in the last year. not really. i'm exaggerating, but still.

without further ado, i present:


IMG_2922 copy

IMG_2923 copy

IMG_2931 copy

IMG_2974 copy

dress: urban outfitters
tights: target
shoes: minnetonka moccasins
glasses: warby parker

interview questions:

1. where did you wear this outfit?
I wore this outfit to run errands with the girls. We grabbed coffee, hit the grocery store and a few other stops. It's a little chilly out, so I was also wearing a coat. :)

2. where are your favorite places to shop? favorite online stores?
I really love the Gap for its timeless pieces. But now that I moved to Providence and have a UO within walking distance of my apartment, I'm all smitten over their clearance section.

3. do you have a style icon?
There are a lot of bloggers that I love. Annabel of Blushing Ambition is one of my favorites. She calls herself a lazy dresser, but I'm all about being comfortable since I always have too preschoolers in tow. Cute, low-maintenance style is what I'm about. Celebrity-wise, it would be Rachel Bilson. Hands down. Love her.

4. what do you have the most fun shopping for and wearing? (i.e. sunglasses, jewelry, shoes, jeans, boots, sweaters, things with stripes, skirts, you get the idea)
Dresses!!! I really love dresses. I'm a curvy gal, so this is where I always have the most luck. Jeans and blouses are always a toss up. I also really love shopping for slouchy sweaters.

5. is there anything you would love to wear, but are timid to try?
There's a lot I'm probably too timid to try. I keep trying to wear belts over shirts/dresses and always end up taking them off before I leave the house. It just doesn't feel right to me!

and now for the silly/fun questions:
1. if your style spoke a language, what would it be?
This one is hard! I've lived in a lot of different places, and I feel my style is a culmination of all of that. Right now I vary a lot between my NC beach casual style and my New England classics. It's fun to mix it up.

2. what cartoon character best reflects your sense of style?
I don't know if it reflects me, but I think Daria was way ahead of her time. She's my favorite! I went dressed as her for Halloween this year!

3. what time period would you love to have dressed in?
Either the 60s or bringing back the early 90s. I was too young to really enjoy it.

YES on Daria & the early 90s! oh, how i love my 90s! i hope you enjoyed getting to know sonya! i know i have! you can say hello to her here!

and don't forget to enter the giveaway!


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