07 December, 2010

i'd like you to meet someone.

since you've all met efferson already, i figured i would introduce you to another one of my inanimate friends.

this is deirdre.


she has a heart on her belly.


she hangs out with my on my keys & keeps me company while i'm driving.
she also helps light the way when i'm looking for something in my purse.


i love her.
(it's so much easier to get attached to inanimate objects when you name them... and i name everything.)


  1. Cuteness!
    I named my car. Is that weird?!

  2. haha it's easy to get "attached" because you *are* attached! haha yeah, that was a super lame joke...

    cute name for a pig light! =)I have a big cow light that moos when you turn it on... it's pretty amazing! No name yet though...

  3. My car's name is Jackie. Her and I often have long talks. =D

  4. so cute! i've never seen pink LED lights!

  5. Deirdre, it's so nice to meet you. Your cute!

  6. oh my goodness jasmine hahaha! ;]


  7. since everyone is telling what they named there car, I thought I'd share. My car is "mero sati". It means, my friend in Nepali ;)


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